Introducing 27 Card Rummy
Khelplay Rummy exclusively launches 27 Card Rummy. Enjoy playing 27 card Rummy with the best Rummy players around the globe and win exciting cash prizes.
LOSER can also be a WINNER
Yes, a loser too can be a winner in 27 Card Rummy, wondering how? In 27 Card Rummy, if your opponent is about to declare a show but if you have value cards in hand, you will win the game and take home cash.
Multiple options to DECLARE a show
  • You declare at least four (4) pure sequences (minimum of 3 cards or above) and the rest of the cards arranged in sets or sequences. Tunnela is also treated as pure sequence
  • You declare at least four tunnelas- the rest of the cards need not be arranged in any order, either remaining cards need not be grouped or can be clubbed into single group.
  • You declare at least Ten (10) dublees- the rest of the cards need not be arranged in any order Each pair of dublees should be arranged in individual groups during declaration.
  • You declare Ten (10) jokers in a single group- the rest of the cards need not be arranged in any order. All the jokers should be arranged in one group during declaration.
Risk of losing points is LESS
Like for example: If a player has 9 Dublees or 9 jokers in hand and if the opponent makes a valid show then in this case you shall loose only 2 points.
Quick and Easy to finish
As 27 Card Rummy is played only with point variant, it is quick and easy to finish.
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