Seep Card Game: Candid Talk with a Pro Player

Seep Card Game

Being a professional in any field is not an easy or quick thing to do. It takes years of hard work to be there, and also to stay there at the top. Professional players of card games have a different kind of aura to them, others want to be like them. Pro players of Flash card game, Teen Patti, Bridge game, Indian Rummy, etc. are many. We got a chance to meet one expert player of Seep card game, here’s how our candid talk with him went:

KhelPlay Rummy: How did your Journey begin as a Seep card game player?

Pro Player: You shouldn’t be surprised to know, that I was a nobody in the game just like everyone else. I didn’t even knew how to play seep in cards! Forget about knowing any Seep game rules. All I knew was that I wanted to be a professional player in gaming. I played quite a few card games in the beginning, like solitaire, mendicot, teen patti, rummy game, etc. finally I zeroed in on Seep card game as I found it the most interesting and challenging.

KhelPlay Rummy: Was the progress easy or difficult?

Pro Player: Well, it’s both actually, difficult first and got easy as the days went by. First I have to solve the: how to play seep card game, which I did by studying and learning all about the game, online. I learned all the seep card game rules, the tips & tricks gradually. Kept applying them in practice games as I learned, started winning gradually and got the confidence.

KhelPlay Rummy: So, learning the Rules is crucial?

Pro Player: Absolutely! You should know everything about the field that you are in, to be the best in it. In seep game, you should get the basics perfect. Learn all the seep card game rules. That’s not all, I tell you one thing, to be a top player in any of playing card games: you should not just practice all the known tips, tricks and strategies, but also develop your own. Keep playing, keep learning, keep making new tricks and strategies, and keep using them to win.

KhelPlay Rummy: How is your typical day like?

Pro Player: Many people might think that I will be doing only one thing throughout the day: playing seep card game. But that is not the reality. Besides playing some individual seep games and tournaments, I also actively focus on correcting any mistakes I did on previous days’ gameplays. Yeah, I write down mistakes if I do any while playing! Apart from that, I also stay updated with the gaming world, esp. that of seep card game, and I also regularly work on making new strategies and tricks to win. Phew, this I told about my seep card game activities in the day. Now, besides this, my day is like: I do yoga or work out in the morning, listen to music, watch sports matches, etc. Sometimes, to refresh myself, I also play other games, card games like online rummy on your app: KhelPlay Rummy! And the most important thing is, I take at least 7 hours of sound sleep, which is crucial for anybody to truly feel refreshed the next day.

KhelPlay Rummy: Nice to hear that, okay so what are your future plans in the game?

Pro Player: I just want to be the best in Seep card game. I want to minimize my losses to, let’s say zero? Well, it may not be possible, as losing is also just another side of the coin, and a part of the game, but I want to give it a try. I am also ready to teach how to play seep in cards, the seep card game rules, and a lot more to anyone who wishes to be a professional in this game.

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