Smartest Ways to Learn Online Rummy


Smartest Ways to Learn Online Rummy

You may have heard friends talk about just how easy it is to play rummy. But for you, it could be a never-ending struggle. Worry not, we’ve got your back. To help simplify rummy for you, we have gathered a couple of simple and smart ways to learn online rummy. These are the fastest methods and rummy tips to learn online rummy and win them as well.

Understand the basic rules of the game

The thumb rule is to be well versed with all rule of rummy. You can read them up online on blogs and forums. You can also read a book on it. If you need clarity on your doubts, raise it on public forums or get a friend to explain it to you, of course, a friend who is good at the game. Learn about the different variants of rummy as the rules differ. Start with one variant at each time, like 13 card rummy game, and understand how to play it. Then move on to understand the scoring pattern because that’s how the total points are calculated.

Important points to remember:

  1. You must have a minimum 1 pure sequence before you close the game
  2. Others can be an impure sequence
  3. Sets can’t have two or more cards of the same group
  4. You need your cards in proper sequences and sets before you click the ‘Declare’ button

Get familiar with rummy terminologies

Rummy has its own set of terminologies and you must be familiar with them. You would not like to get confused with terms when you are in the middle of a crucial move. Hence, it’s best to be prepared. You will find all the rummy terminologies that you would require online.

Watch tutorial and demo videos

Now that you are well versed with theory part, let’s get a hands-on experience. Watch online tutorial and demo videos and observe each move closely. This will help you get familiar with the game and understand how the game moves on the live screen. This will also help you get familiar with how the website works and you don’t make the mistake of making a wrong move at a crucial time.

Practice rummy games yourself

You have understood the rules and watched the demo videos as well. So, let’s try playing the rummy game for real. Register yourself on a trusted rummy gaming website or download a rummy mobile app. Join a table and start playing with real players. It is here you will get to learn about novel rummy strategies and improve your gameplay. If you find yourself constantly losing in games, then just keep practicing till you get more confident. In case you are making invalid declarations, then the rules may still not be clear. Just go through them once more.

Get started with playing cash games

Once you have got familiar with practice games, it is time to get started with playing real cash games. Start with a small amount and gradually as you gain confidence, you can scale up.

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