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  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) standard security technology
  • Compliance with PG and PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)
  • Completely secure credentials
  • Ensuring zero scope of alterations in gameplay with the help of Random Number Generator (RNG) system
  • Choose from a range of payment options!
  • Withdrawal requests processes within just 24 hours!
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Why is the experience at KhelPlay Rummy the original classic rummy game experience? (Answer Should be 350 Words Long)

Rummy is one of those games which is not just highly addictive but can also bring an entirely new meaning to your whole life. And KhelPlay Rummy is one of portals which can take your classic rummy playing experience to a level which you could not even fathom earlier. On the KhelPlay Rummy app, you not only get a chance to win extremely cool and rewarding bonuses but are also able to use a quick withdrawal system which ensures that all your transactions are done in a completely safe manner and on time! KhelPlay Rummy offers the original classic rummy game experience, and we bet you are going to love us.

KhelPlay Rummy allows playing with hundreds of thousands of other classic rummy game enthusiasts like you all over India. Whether it is a festive occasion, a family get together, or simply you just hanging out with your friends, KhelPlay Rummy can be a great way to pass time and bond with your near and dear ones. Kiss goodbye to all those monotonous hours when you can literally tune right into your favourite game of classic rummy, plus get a chance to win incredible cash prizes. We keep coming up with tons of classic rummy offers every now and then!

Our team at KhelPlay Rummy has brought this century-old game to our handheld devices. With the help of the best technology, we create personalized experiences for all our beloved users. And that is why we offer the original Indian classic rummy experience. We are good at the fun parts, but we are even better when it comes to protecting your interests. We use a Random Number Generator (RNG) system which ensures that nobody can cheat in this game. We have further placed the strictest protocols when it comes to making withdrawal transactions at KhelPlay Rummy. One thing that separates our classic rummy app from the rest is that KhelPlay Rummy is designed to not just be fun and safe, but it also serves the purpose of bringing the generations together. Our community of rummy enthusiasts doesn’t just use this application to play with their friends, but they use it to spend some quality time with their parents or even their grandparents.

To bring together the entire online classic rummy playing community together, we further organize various tournaments which you can play whenever you desire. Fair warning though, this game is so competitive that you might not be able to stop once you enter the world of KhelPlay Rummy! Seriously, who can resist the urge to play classic rummy for cash?

I’m ready for the Classic Rummy Experience! How do I start playing?

We are glad that you have decided to join the vast and vibrant community of KhelPlay Rummy players. However, if you have questions about joining, don’t worry at all! We have made it extremely easy to get started with classic rummy. To start, you just need to register for free or login with your Facebook account. You can then verify your email and add cash to begin playing KhelPlay Rummy. That’s it! Was it ever so easy to play classic rummy online?

Where can I download the KhelPlay Rummy App from?

If you are ready to win big and step into the highly amazing world of KhelPlay Rummy, then all you need to do is download the application and get started with a wonderful game of Indian classic rummy. This will allow you to play classic rummy on KhelPlay Rummy, whenever and wherever you want to. You can download KhelPlay at the AppStore for Apple or iOS platforms and for Android from the links mentioned below!

What are the various forms of classic rummy games I can play online?

It is a commonly known fact that rummy is a multiplayer game. And you might not always find people around you to play rummy with. However, that is not something that you would have to be worried about when it comes to playing classic rummy online at KhelPlay Rummy. We bring a new twist to rummy games by immersing it with a touch of technology and making it easier to access than ever. You can now play rummy with people from across the globe.

There are various forms of Indian classic rummy you can play online -

  • 13 card rummy

    This is one of the most common forms of Indian classic rummy and is also often considered to be an extension of Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. This game can be played by 2 to 6 players where each of those players would be dealt with a total of 13 cards. Players would be required to pick or discard the cards with the main aim of melding them into a valid sequence or set. The Joker cards can also be used in this game as a substitute for any other card. For a sequence to be considered valid or pure, it must not have an impure or incomplete sequence or use the joker card. Each of the cards also carries points and the main aim of the game is to reduce the total points to zero as there are negative points too in the game.

  • 21 card rummy

    21 card rummy is one of the more popular types of rummy, which is played across India, especially during the time of Diwali and Dussehra. This game usually takes longer to complete than other forms of classic rummy. To understand this game in an easier manner, it can be considered that it is somewhat like the 13-card rummy game with a few rule changes. In this game, three decks of cards are used, and these decks also consist of printed joker cards.

    It is important for players to deal with 21 cards and form at least 3 pure runs of cards. The rest of the cards can be melded into proper sequences or sets. Apart from the joker cards, value cards are also used in this game. These value cards serve the same purpose as the joker cards in the 13-card rummy game. The only difference here is that these cards hold special points. This game further has a marriage hand and requires its players to put in more skills and concentration.

  • Points Rummy

    This is another type of classic rummy game, which is also known as 80 Points Rummy. This type of rummy game can also be considered the most basic and simplest form of 13 cards rummy. Most sessions of this game usually last only for a couple of minutes. This is one of the reasons why this game is extremely familiar with beginners or individuals who have just started playing rummy online. This game also allows users to refresh themselves with a quick and easy game. In this rummy game, there are different tables with various value points. When any one of the players in this game declares his or her win then, his or her winning is calculated on the basis of points which the losing player has accumulated. This means that the basic formula which is followed for calculating the winning of the winner is:

    Winnings = (All Points of the Losing Players) X (The Points Value) – Rummy Passion Rake

  • Deals Rummy

    This is another form of classic rummy which is characterized by a fixed number of deals for which the players play this game. Equal numbers of chips are distributed to the players at the beginning of the game and when the game ends, then all losing players must surrender their chips. Once the predetermined number of deals are finished then the players are ranked according to the number of chips which they possess. The winner is the one who has the greatest number of chips. This can also be considered as playing Points Rummy where the number of times players will play the game have already been decided.

  • Pool Rummy

    As the name suggests, in this type of rummy, the players pool in their money before the start of the game. There are also two different types of Pool Rummy, which are popularly known as 101 Pool Rummy and 201 Pool Rummy. This game is identical to the game of Points Rummy, and the only difference is that all players get eliminated except one on the collection of either 101 or 201 points. The remaining player is obviously the winner. These are some of the different types of original and classic rummy games. Apart from these rummy games, there are also many other types including Canasta, Rummikub, Marriage rummy, Gin rummy, 500 rummy, Oklahoma rummy, and Dummy rummy.
Is it legal to play rummy and be a part of the KhelPlay Rummy community?

If you have been considering whether playing rummy online or offline is legal or not, you need not worry anymore. According to the Supreme Court of India, playing rummy online or offline is completely legal. However, there are a couple of states in which this law is not applicable. And those states are Odisha, Assam, Telangana, and Sikkim. According to the legal courts in India, rummy is a game of skill which makes it completely legal in major parts of the country. Further, if you wish to wager a game of rummy, then it too is completely legal. So, if there is anybody out there who is stopping you from enjoying a good game of online classic rummy, then it is important not to pay head to that person and step into the engaging community of rummy players without any kind of legal worry.

And what better place to start your classic rummy experience than KhelPlay Rummy? We at KhelPlay Rummy provide players from across the globe with a common and engaging platform which they can use to get the classic rummy playing experience! KhelPlay Rummy is a premier Indian classic rummy website which aims to make it incredibly easy for rummy enthusiasts to play classic rummy online whenever and wherever they want to. To get started, you just need to download the application and sign up. You can then play classic rummy anywhere, earn big bonuses, and earn real cash with so much ease! We keep coming with new classic rummy offers every now and then!

What are the latest offers and bonuses at KhelPlay Rummy?

At KhelPlay Rummy, we have a very large community of rummy players and we make sure to take all possible steps which can help us in enhancing the overall playing experience of all our active rummy players. Hence, we keep coming up with various classic rummy offers from time to time. This is one of the reasons why we always have one or the other classic rummy promotions or bonuses going on at KhelPlay Rummy. We make it very easy to get started with a game of classic rummy, plus also offer huge cash prizes to our players. Playing classic rummy for cash was never much easier! Currently, we have several new and live promotional and bonus events going on which you can be a part of to win big! And some of those events are:

  • The 73rd Independence Day Tournament

    This Independence Day you can get some of the best rewards of the entire year! This is a mega 15 lakhs tournament which will have its qualifying rounds from 1st to 15th August and the finale will be on the big day itself. You can now enjoy a quality game of classic rummy, plus win big rewards this Independence Day!

  • The Freedom Bonus

    Get a flat 15% off up to INR 1500 on a minimum cash deposit of INR 500 from 1st to 3rd August. To get this offer you just have to use the unique code ‘INDIA15’.

  • The Weekend Freeroll Tournament

    It is time to make your weekends more exciting by winning real cash prizes at KhelPlay Rummy. This event takes place every Saturday at 11:00 am and has no entry ticket!

    There are many other promotional events and bonuses which you can get at KhelPlay Rummy. So, go ahead and get the application now to win real cash at KhelPlay Rummy!
How Do I Contact KhelPlay Rummy Team for Support?

At KhelPlay Rummy, we take our beloved players very seriously. Hence, if you face any sort of issue while playing classic rummy online on KhelPlay Rummy, then you should not hesitate for even a second before contacting us. There are several different ways through which you can contact our support team. And some of those ways are:

  • You can send us an email or reach us at We’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible!
  • If you wish to discuss your issue with us right away, then you can contact us through the chat-box displayed on the lower side of the page. This will allow you to have a chat session with our experts!
  • You can also seek live online support from us. However, our online support services are only available from 9:00 am till 11:00 pm on Monday till Saturday and from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Sundays

So, what are you waiting for now? If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you are facing any issue then contact us right away! Get started now with your favourite game of classic rummy, plus earn big bonuses and rewards at KhelPlay Rummy!

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