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Khelplayrummy.com offers unlimited free rummy games to its registered users. KhelPlay users can play free rummy on our website to improve their rummy skills and once you are ready for cash games you can avail our cash tournaments as well.

Unlimited Free Chips are available @KhelPlayRummy

Unlimited Free Chips at KhelPlay Rummy

Once your Free Chips account is down to 3000, you just need to click the refresh button (given on the right hand side of the status of Free Chips on the home page) and the account gets refreshed with 10000 Free Chips again. Thus, unlimited free rummy chips promise that you can play unlimited number of Free Games and hone your skills in the game of online rummy.

Free Rummy Tournaments @KhelPlayRummy

Free Rummy Tournaments - KhelPlay Rummy

Yes! An opportunity for all the players to experience the fun and excitement of a cash tournament absolutely FREE.

Free Cash Tournament for Freshers - KhelPlay Rummy

The Fresher Tournament is giving all our new players an experience of playing a cash tournament and winning some cash.

Fortune Rummy Tournament - KhelPlay Rummy

For all those who register on KhelPlayRummy.com get this super opportunity to participate daily for free in our Fortune Tournament

Player Speak

Rummy Tournament winner - KhelPlay Rummy "I feel awesome after winning the Sankranti & Pongal tournament. I don't even think that I could win this tournament. I trust KhelPlay Rummy with my money."
vedant4592, Maharashtra.

Tell me more about KhelPlay Rummy.

KhelPlay Rummy was established back in 2012, with a vision to be one of the best online platforms to play rummy online for free in India. Since its inception, the team at KhelPlay Rummy has strived for years to offer rummy players across India a platform, which is truly unlimited in its usability and user experience. True to the nature of the popular card game, KhelPlay Rummy has brought together lakhs of players online through its free online rummy app.

We offer a very seamless way for players to play rummy for free, and players get a chance to win great prizes simultaneously. We believe in rewarding our wonderful rummy players for their skills, and thus, run a plethora of tournaments and offers time to time.

With KhelPlay Rummy, you can enjoy a hassle-free rummy card game for free, with other rummy players across India.

Why should I prefer KhelPlay Rummy online for free over other websites that offer free rummy?

KhelPlay Rummy offers you one of the best, free online rummy platforms to prove your skills and challenge other rummy enthusiasts across India. KhelPlay Rummy’s motto has been providing players with a means to play rummy online for free, in a way which is not hampered or restricted by device requirements, safety hazards, or gameplay experience. KhelPlay Rummy free is an amazing way to pass your time playing rummy card games for free online. Players get a chance to win big rewards as well. Rummy is a wonderful game in itself; this century-old game, requires skills and keeps oneself on toes! And KhelPlay Rummy offers you players a seamless medium to play free online rummy card games with other fellow enthusiasts.

KhelPlay Rummy is an extremely secure platform for all your transactions and offers the best gameplay experience for every rummy enthusiast. Your payments are secured with Secure Sockets Layer technology and Compliance with PG and PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). We have ensured that your gameplay experience remains an absolute bliss, but we have taken a step ahead to make sure no one indulges in any unethical means while playing the game, with a robust Random Number Generator (RNG) system. Rest assured, you can play free rummy games with absolute peace of mind.

One thing that separates our free rummy platform is the fact that this is the robust cross platform compatibility it offers. Rummy is not just a fun game, but it bridges the gap between various generations. It brings people closer and together. And KhelPlay Rummy has strived to serve as a platform that serves all these needs. The free rummy app offers a seamless rummy experience, user-friendly interface, and a great way to pass time. To play rummy online for free, the first and most important thing to do is to download our free rummy app. You can then get started and play free rummy games with our huge community of rummy players.

Tell me more about winning big with KhelPlay Rummy.

There are a TON of ways you can win big with KhelPlay Rummy. We have a mind-boggling amount of promotions going on at any time of the year! Just have a look at our promotions page for instance. There are so many offers and promotions going on at any given moment, that it is difficult to capture all of it here. Apart from that, there are various other ways we reward our beloved players

I’m ready to experience a quality game of free online rummy! How do I get started?

It’s pretty simple to get started with free online rummy on KhelPlay Rummy! Just download the KhelPlay Rummy app on your device. You can use any operating system, iOS or Android and play on various devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones. Players can also register and/or login with their Facebook accounts.

Hereafter, you can verify your email and play rummy online for free. Without registration however, you won’t be able to login to our free rummy app.

Where can I download the free rummy app from KhelPlay Rummy?

You can download the free online rummy app from KhelPlay Rummy on your iOS and Android devices from the following links Rummy App for Android | Rummy App for iOS

Once you have installed the rummy app, you can start playing free rummy games on the move, with the KhelPlay Rummy app from anywhere, anytime and with anyone who is a part of our online community. The game lobby is optimized for player needs, making it a seamless experience to enjoy a free rummy game online with other fellow rummy enthusiasts.

The free rummy game app from KhelPlay Rummy comes loaded with some cool features, like:

  • Highly Navigable Interface to Play Rummy Games Online
  • Advanced Safety Features for Foolproof Security
  • Switch Between Devices as Per Your Convenience

Get ready to win real cash with KhelPlay Rummy, the class, century-old, ever-loved game of Rummy by just downloading the app at the AppStore for Apple or iOS platforms and for Android from the links mentioned below! Khelplay Rummy is available on both the operating system and can be played on any device!

Is it legal to play & be a part of the Khel Play Rummy free rummy experience?

Both online and offline forms of Rummy are 100% legal to play free online rummy card games in India. As per the Supreme Court’s mandate, it is completely legal to play rummy online across India (except for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu & Telangana). Rummy is a game of skills as ruled by the Indian court and hence completely legal. Enjoy the game without worrying about any kind of legal involvement. Nothing should stop you from enjoying a good bout of free rummy games on KhelPlay Rummy, India’s premier platform for playing rummy online. You are just a click away from winning big prizes and earning money! So, without further ado, just download the free rummy game app and start playing rummy on KhelPlay Rummy.

(Please note that KhelPlay Rummy does not entertain players from the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu & Telangana due to legal reasons. Accessing the website or wagering in the game is not entertained for users from these states, due to the above-mentioned legal reasons. The accounts of users from these states would be suspended or cancelled once detected by the system to enforce the legal guidelines set up by the Indian Government.)

How do I contact KhelPlay Rummy team for support?

Our tech-support will be available at your disposal at any time with any query that you possess. As a part of your Free Rummy game experience, we also make sure that you are left with no doubts and hence, we take our player’s queries seriously. For any queries or suggestions regarding the KhelPlay Rummy app, just drop us an email at support@khelplayrummy.com. Want an instant reply? Well, have a chat session with our experts in the chat-box given below. Our customer support officer will address will answer all your queries related to the game's rules, banking, website, terms and conditions attached to the game and more.

You can also seek live online support by calling us. Click here to get our contact number and the timings at which you can call us. We are available on all 7 days of the week!

So, what are you waiting for! Be a part of the best free rummy game experience at KhelPlay Rummy, India’s premier website to play rummy online for free.

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2 Enable External Sources on your phone
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