Especially for you! A Free Cash Tournament for 30 days introduces the all new Fresher Tournament, a tournament open to all.

The Fresher Tournament is giving all our new players an experience of playing a cash tournament and winning some cash. It bring to life the excitement of playing a rummy tournament for real for every person who joins our website. Hence this is a free tournament to give our users the feel of a tournament and to live up the excitement of playing a tournament.

Hold your hearts! That's not all! What's more? You also get an opportunity to win real cash prizes every day for 30 days by participating and winning in this tournament.

So click your way to play the Fresher Tournament.
Terms Of Fresher Tournament:- (Time Based)
  • New registered player who have not made a deposit are eligible to play for this tournament as a Free player for 30 days from the date of registration.
  • All players need to verify their mobile and email
  • It is a time based tournament, with each level being played within specific time of 15 minutes (if any extra time is allotted to complete the game, notification for same will appear on the table).
  • Maximum 108 players will be able to participate in this tournament.
  • The game played for this tournament will be points rummy and all rules of points rummy will be applicable including the first hand show.
  • Players will be allotted 1200 chips at the start of the first level. The point value would be 5 chips/pt. Players will get an auto alert at the first level to rejoin by purchasing more chips if their total chips count fall below 400. The rejoining fee will be Rs.10.
  • Players with more than 1500 chips at the end of first level will be eligible to play for the second level. The point value at second level would be 10 chips/pt. Players will get an auto alert at the second level to rejoin or buy more chips if their total chips count fall below 800. The rejoining fee will be Rs.10.
  • For the third and final level players will need to have more than 2400 chips. The point value at the third level would be 20 chips/pt.
  • A player can rejoin the game only at the 1st and 2nd level with a joining fee of Rs.10. Additional 800 chips and 1600 chips will be remitted at the respective levels.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the third and final level.
  • Employees of Khelplayrummy are not eligible to participate in the tournament.
  • All tournament rules and terms & conditions as well as general terms & conditions will be applicable
  • This tournament runs at the discretion of the management at, management has a right to withdraw this tournament anytime without prior notice.
  • KhelPlay Rummy management will have the right to publish list of benefiters of this offer on social media at any time it deems fit.