Every 100th Deposit earns a 100% Bonus!
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Make your luck shine this winter with KhelPlay Rummy's Lucky Depositors Offer!

Earn a 100% Bonus(max. up to Rs. 1,000) on every 100th deposit of the day! Offer valid on 28th & 29th January, 2016.
Just send us the transaction Id, if the last two digits are "00" then you are the lucky one.

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Terms & Conditions:
  • Bonus will be credited to players account only after the players submit their transaction ID received via SMS and username for verification.
  • This offer is only open on 28th & 29th January, 2016.
  • Rs. 1,000 is the maximum bonus that can be availed during this offer.
  • This Offer is not available for First Time Depositors. First Time Depositors will get their regular 100% Bonus subject to the Welcome Bonus rules given on https://www.khelplayrummy.com/first-deposit-bonus
  • Repeat Depositors will get the 100% Bonus over and above their regular 10 to 15% Bonus.
  • For Repeat Depositors, the Bonus will be disbursed to the player in twenty (20) equal parts. The player will receive the first part of the Bonus on playing for an amount equivalent to twenty (20) times of the Bonus portion, as shown below:

    For a Regular Deposit of Rs. 500/-, 100% Bonus of Rs. 500/- will be disbursed as below:

    Bonus Distribution Wager Amount Bonus Credited
    1st 500 25
    2nd 500 25
    3rd 500 25
    4th 500 25
    5th 500 25
    6th 500 25
    7th 500 25
    8th 500 25
    9th 500 25
    10th 500 25
    11th 500 25
    12th 500 25
    13th 500 25
    14th 500 25
    15th 500 25
    16th 500 25
    17th 500 25
    18th 500 25
    19th 500 25
    20th 500 25
  • The Bonus will be valid for five (5) days starting from the date of Deposit.
  • TDS will be applicable wherever necessary as per IT regulation.
  • All Khelplayrummy.com rules and terms & conditions will be applicable.
  • This offer is subject to the sole discretion of management at KhelPlay Rummy and the management has the right to withdraw this offer anytime without prior notice.
  • KhelPlay Rummy management will have the right to publish the list and photos of beneficiaries of this offer on social media and any other media at any time it deems fit.