4 Common Misconceptions of Card Games

4 Common Misconceptions of Card Games

Since ages, people have heard and believed random misconceptions of card games. It’s important to know that such misconceptions discourage people from indulging in card games. It’s only sad that people fall prey to such myths and this needs to stop. Hence, we now present you the top myths that should not be entertained.

Card games are addictive  

Very often we get to hear that card games are extremely addictive and best avoided. However, there is absolutely no approved scientific evidence to support this claim. Card games like poker or 13 card rummy can be enjoyed as much as you wish to. In fact, playing card games is a delightful way to have fun and keep yourself occupied when idle. Also, many Indian rummy online websites and mobile apps offer free cash prizes to its winners. You can choose the play as much as you want, whenever you want.

Card games are based on your luck

The Supreme Court of India has declared rummy not as a luck-based game, but as a skill-based game. Playing card games requires absolute presence of mind and a plethora of strategic skills. Rummy is absolutely legal and winning it is purely based on how well you play it.

Card games make you unsociable

On the contrary, tons of rummy players have claimed to learn how to make friends more easily, courtesy of the chat rooms and other interactive platforms that rummy players use. Such platforms help players chat with their opponents or other players online.

Online card game requires hi-end devices

Online card games are easily accessible from smartphones, laptops and PCs. All you need is an internet connection. No high-end devices or system upgrades of any kind required.

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