Follow these 5 Tips to Win Cash Rummy Games

5 Tips to Win Cash in Rummy Games

If you are a regular rummy player, you would have figured out some rummy strategies, rummy tips and tricks and that you must be using regularly while playing rummy games. Rummy is a game of skill and using these skills you can increase your chances of winning cash games. Here are a few rummy tricks and tips that might help your game as well increase your chances of winning:

Rummy Tip 1 – Get the Pure sequence

As required by the 13 card Rummy game, you need to have a pure sequence to (a) qualify to declare / meld and (b) not to get the full hand or 80 points. So the trick here is to make your pure sequence as soon as possible.

Rummy Tip 2 – Making the 2nd Sequence (Pure or Impure)

In order to complete the game you will also need a second sequence of 3 cards or more which you can complete using a joker. Making this sequence is absolutely required after the first pure sequence is made. You cannot declare / meld with just one pure sequence and using sets with the remaining cards; it is must to have a second sequence.

Rummy Tip 3 – Reduce the Number of Points

Reducing your points to zero, and making a show”, is the principle of play in Indian Rummy. But it is rare to do that in first or second turn with the different pure/impure variations required, so focus on reducing the points as much as possible by discarding cards as your play.

  1. Even when discarding the points, discard the cards having the larger points first i.e. Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10’s. Be attentive and don’t show haste in throwing these cards as your opponent might need any one of them to complete his sequence.

Rummy Tip 4 – Understand your Opponent’s Cards

If you discarded a Jack of Hearts and the opponent picks it up, you should be on your guard, watchful not to discard Ten of Hearts or Queen of Hearts if you have them as its likely that the opponent might be requiring either of them.

Rummy Tip 5 – Collect Connecting Cards

If you are done with making a pure sequence and the second sequence, you should think about making sequences / sets with the remaining cards and for you to do that, you need close or connecting cards. For example, if you have a 6 and 10 of spades, you will not be able to make a sequence even if you had a joker. For you to make next sequence, you either need 5 or 7 of spades of 9 or jack of spades so that if you get a joker or have a joker, you can connect and complete the sequence.

As per the rummy rules, it is not necessary to only make sequences with all the 13 cards. Once you are done with the pure sequence and second sequence, you can make sets with the remaining cards and here too the trick would be to keep connecting cards i.e. if you have 5 of hearts and 5 of diamonds, you can complete a set with the 5 of clubs or spades. Also, if you draw a joker, you can easily complete the set.

Remember, Your Goal is take home cash and for that you must be left with no points charged backed to you. The above 5 rummy tips can be used to help you Win your first Cash few Games, though they are not an all-inclusive guide containing all the Tips and Tricks.

We are sure that after winning a few games, you will come up with your own style of winning, and that is what makes a good rummy player.

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