6 Mistakes to Avoid While Playing Rummy

mistakes to avoild while playing rummy

A game of rummy is refreshing. Since the game is easy to understand, most people enjoy the game very much. It is also an excellent stress-buster. However, most people make foolish mistakes and end up losing the game completely. There are things you must remember before starting to play the game so that you do not end up losing the game eventually. Here we have listed out some mistakes you should never make while playing rummy games:

Stocking Too Many Jokers

If you are a newbie in Indian rummy, you will surely have this craze for jokers. You may want to stock more jokers hoping to win the game sooner. This is a big mistake made by most newbie players. In the game of rummy, your first priority should be to make life. Once the life is formed, you can think of sets and other sequences. People who stock jokers even before their life is formed end up losing the game.

Making Sets Before the Life is Ready

You must remember that the top priority in 13 cards rummy game is to make pure sequence and real sequence. It does not make sense to make sets before these two are ready. Many people make the mistake of preparing sets first as this prevents them from completing the requisite sequences. Eventually, they lose the game while someone else makes a hand.

A good rummy player will first focus on his pure sequence. He may try out different permutations and combinations to make pure sequences with high point cards, low point cards or just face cards. They check out the different options available and may even use pulled out jokers for their value in pure sequences simply to complete it. After completing the pure sequence, the prepare the real sequence. The exciting part of card games like this is analysing the best move.

Not Observing Competitor Moves

This is a very big mistake in the game of rummy. A good rummy player should always have a keen eye on the moves of the opponent. He needs to see what cards the opponent picks from the disposed pile. He must also see the cards added to the disposed pile by the opponent. All these things help the player analyse the right move during his turn. This is necessary for playing the game well.

Picking from Disposed Pile

You need to be wise in rummy and understand that the opponent is observing your moves keenly. You must thus strictly avoid picking up cards from the disposed pile. It is true that the next player is allowed to pick a card disposed by the player before him. It is also true that opponents can guess your moves based on the cards you through. It is thus best not to pick playing cards from the disposed pile atleast till the life is formed.

Not Passing Even When the Hand is Bad

Passing a wrong hand is not cowardice but holding onto a wrong hand is definitely an ego issue. You need to understand that if you pass at the beginning of the game, the penalty you pay is minimum. If you quit even mid-way through the game, the penalty is only half of what you would pay if you lose the game. You need to be wise and choose the option that is best for you. Quit if you think playing the game is futile and there are higher chances of losing.

Not Using Intuitive Skills

Everything in the game cannot be decided based just on the moves. You need to rely on your gut feeling at times. You need to try and understand if there are chances of winning or not. Constant rummy players usually develop intuitive skills that help them handle their game well. Only few players disregard their gut feeling and thus end up losing the game.

No game can be won unless you follow certain rules and come up with certain strategies. If you really wish to win the offline and online rummy games, make sure you follow the governing rules.

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