7th April – The Grand Rummy Day @KhelPlayRummy

The Grand Rummy Day @KhelPlayRummy

D Day has arrived with biggest Cash Back

It has arrived! 7th of April, the 7th day of the rummy festival on KhelPlayRummy… it is finally here, the most awaited day for rummy players in India, its Rummy Day today.

As promised, we at KhelPlayRummy have unrevealed mega offer of the big day, a flat 15% cash back on the amount of the wagers on this day, 7th April 2015. Which means if you win a game, you are in a way getting 100% of the wager amount and if you don’t win you get a consolation in the form of 15% of your wager amount, that is to say you win or not, you get back 15% of the amount you wager in a game.

Free Entry to Rs. 100,000 Tournament

But, this is not all, KhelPlayRummy is having a grand finale of the Rummy Festival with a high prized tournament called Rummy Day Tournament which will be played on 10th April 2015. This tournament carries a prize of Rs.100,000 and players who wager for Rs.5000 or more on 7th April will get to play this tournament for free as their entry fee will be refund.

Repeat Deposit Bonus

What’s more? Repeat players will get a 25% bonus instead of regular 20% on their deposits made on 7th April 2015; on the Rummy Day, while first time depositor get a 200% welcome bonus upto Rs.2000. Also players referring the KhelPlayRummy website to friends get 200% bonus up to Rs.2000.

So it is all benefits for players on Rummy Day, a day to slosh in the wonder full card game of draw and discard. A wonderful time to play and win.

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