Anniversary Fresher Tournament, Free Rummy Tournament

Anniversary Fresher TournamentHow would it be if you could play a free tournament daily and win real cash prize?

Great! That’s exactly what it is with Anniversary Fresher Tournament, for that is exactly what you can do on when you register for the Anniversary Fresher Tournament.

KhelPlay Rummy has introduced the Anniversary Fresher Tournament for all those players who would like to experience what it is like to play a tournament and win money. This tournament is designed for all registered players who have not made a deposit but would love to play a cash rummy tournament and regale themselves with the joys of playing a cash tournament.

The Anniversary Fresher Tournament is a level and time based tournament where players need to win through each level to join the higher level. At the end of all the three levels or at the end of the tournament, the winners are declared. The prize is distributed among the winners rank-wise.

Fresher Tournament ScheduleKhelPlay Rummy will hold two Anniversary Fresher Tournaments daily at 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm. Players interested to participate in these tournaments need to register in advance as the tournament is limited to only 108 players. Registration for the tournament begins 24hrs before its scheduled time. Also, the tournament requires players to verify their mobile and email, the site will not register the player for the tournament if the player has not verified these mandatory requirements.

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