Which Avenger Character is Your Rummy Opponent?

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If you are a fan or Marvel Comics, then you must be well-versed with their superheroes, especially the Avenger characters. We are sure, at times in life; you must have imagined a friend or a special one in your life as an Avenger-in-person, who rescues you from all problems. But what if you have to compete against such powerful beings in a rummy online game? It will be a tough duel, isn’t it? So, we have come up with a list of rummy opponents who have all the powers resembling that of famous Marvel comic superheroes.

  • Captain America

He is the peak of human potential. He can yield extreme power and is ready to experiment and fight for his rights and that of his people. If you come across a rival who as a pro-attacking stance and shows no mercy in winning the rummy patti game, then you have met the Captain America of rummy.

  • Iron Man

Never underestimate your opponent, even if he sends you cute gifts and stickers during the play. Because for him, the ultimate rummy online play would be to coax into trusting him and then play a power punch, and in no time, declare the game. Yes, this is the Iron Man, who is the man of mettle.

  • Hulk

Beware of the angry opponent; he is here to wreck the game for you. He is not interested to play rummy online for real cash and its lure, but loves the competition for the challenge it poses. Do not mess with such an opponent. The only way to calm down the Hulk-rival is by leveling up your game.

  • Thor

He can manipulate the weather around playing cards, and at one moment all your achievements can turn to nothing with this rival’s bolt-like impressive move. He has Thor-like virtues, as he can think quickly and play calculative moves, form pure sequences at a lightning speed, and end the game.

  • Doctor Strange

Behold the Sorcerer Supreme! If your opponent has the skill to baffle you and turn tables in his favor, then you are definitely dealing with Doctor Strange-like Avenger character. The rival will know the right 13 card rummy game tricks to play at the right time and get the card he wants by hook or crook.

  • Scarlet Witch

There are rummy cards players who take failures in their stride. And if you have played against such a rival, then you have come across Scarlet Witch of the game. She will not go easy even after losing maximum points and will keep away emotions from disrupting the purpose of the game. After all, she is the one who can take tough decisions and risks, when no one would dare to do it themselves.

  • Black Widow

You should be wary of opponents who can read your hand within the very first few moves. They have a super spy quality resembling that of Black Widow. She will know how to top the online real money earning games without creating much of a chaos. She is pro at analyzing the discard section and by revisiting the discarded cards, can draw a strategy to thwart you.

  • Captain Marvel

She may seem vulnerable and docile, but do not get fooled because these two characteristics are her greatest strengths. She is down-to-earth but will never fallback from the game. She will know how to earn money by playing games, without giving you a hint of her prowess. We are talking about opponents who are like the Captain Marvel. She will never quit a game, even after getting a bad hand.

  • Vision

If you think a smart move from your end will break the morale of your opponent, and are proved wrong, then you have encountered Vision of Indian rummy game. He has the ability to rise against all odds and make the game his own. So, when playing against such a stoic player, remember it is only your strategies that can match up to him.

  • Ant Man

He is a regular opponent you think you can easily defeat. But hold on, he is the one who can make through each round of a rummy tournament with advanced knowledge of rummy. He relies on his sense of judgment. He also understands the playing technique of other rivals. He may be least of the threat, until he plans to become like an Ant Man, where skills matter more than experience.

So, which Avenger character are you dealing with in a rummy game? Whoever it is, you are no less a superhero yourself, isn’t it? Why not discover your hidden potentials and expand your rummy knowledge and give the opponents a taste of their own medicine? Be prepared for a thrilling rummy duel with best of opponents.

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