KhelPlayRummy Celebrating 4th Anniversary

KhelPlayRummy Anniversary Offers Galore

Hello there,

Its our 4th Anniversary  and we have spread our Rummy tables with promotions, tournament gifts, and offers that will resemble a royal banquet. Participating in these events will make you feel, you are being treated to a fairy tale dream experience.

Rummy players have the opportunity to get much more than just real money. This month cash is just the start, as you can win prizes right from Daily smartphones to silver, gold coins and real sparkling diamond jewelry.

We started our August promotions with our Anniversary Silver Week; here players had the opportunity to win real silver coins. Moreover, we unveiled a New Smartphone Tournament, where players can Daily win a Smartphone for just Rs. 20 till 28th August!

Silver coins were just a small example of the next offering as from 8th to 14th August KhelPlay Rummy tables are literally going to be a gala Gold shop, where you could win real Gold coins in an exclusive glittering tournament!

The Anniversary’s Gala Prize is undoubtedly withheld for the Diamond week where players have the opportunity to win Real Diamond Jewelry worth Rs. 1,00,000!

Our gifts towards players have helped us in rising above others, and we are getting noticed for our playercentric & player- pleasing approach. This is our philosophy to success, and its Fun!

Join us this Grand August, and win a good gift for yourself!


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