Which Would You Choose: Offline Rummy or Online Rummy?

Online rummy or offline rummy

In the past, there was no trend of playing the game of rummy online. If you wished to play rummy with friends, you had to make sure you gathered your friends at one place and organised the event of rummy gaming. This required card decks and proper scheduling of rummy offline. However, things have changed greatly for the rummy players in the past few years. Today, rummy players round the globe have a unique opportunity to play rummy online and get the best of both worlds. There are plus points and minus points in online as well as offline rummy gaming. Here we have listed the merits of each and have left it for you to decide which you would love to play:

Benefits of Online Rummy

Those who have already explored the online rummy gaming options know how elaborate it is. The myriad merits offered by online rummy far outnumber offline gaming. This is the reason why most people are switching to playing rummy on their smartphones rather than playing the game offline. Here are some of the major benefits only enjoyed by people who play the game online:

  • You can play the game of Indian rummy anytime, anywhere and with anyone
  • You can play rummy with cash without being accused of gambling
  • You can play rummy with complete strangers
  • You can play multiple variations of the rummy game like points rummy, deals rummy and pool rummy
  • You can win loyalty points simply by inviting your friends and loved ones to play the game with you online

The modern avenues like KhelplayRummy has made online rummy playing very simple. All you need to do is create a free account online to enjoy unlimited rummy fun without any interruption.

Play Rummy Online on KhelplayRumy

When you play rummy games online on the right website, it becomes even more fun. What could be better than KhelplayRummy to enjoy a few games of your favourite card game online? If you are one of those amateurs who are still not aware of KhelplayRummy, here is quick list to enlighten you about the site and the app:

  • It is an online rummy app which you may use for free simply by creating an account online
  • The app allows all users to play rummy for free and check out different variants of this unique card game
  • The app also allows you to legally play rummy with cash by depositing the base amount and acquiring real chips to play
  • The app allows you to play the game with complete strangers and also allows you to chat with co-players
  • The app does not require you to have a deck of cards or 3-4 players ready to play with you

Why Some People Still Stick to Offline Rummy?

While all the above listed merits make online rummy very poplar among the present-day players, there are still many who prefer the offline gaming more than the online gaming option. Here is why this is happening:

  • Most people are still not aware of the many merits of playing the game online
  • Some people are still not well acquainted with the smartphones or laptops and thus fail to play the game online
  • Some people are scared of online scams and hesitate to join online gaming apps
  • People are scared to share their personal information during account creation

All these silly reasons keep many of the avid rummy players away from this fabulous rummy gaming site called KhelplayRummy. Don’t you wish to help your friends who are stuck in the world of offline playing simply because of these misconceptions? Well, look how you can do this and also build your rummy groups and circles on the internet.

How to Build Your Online Rummy Circles?

Here are some simple ways to invite your friends online on this gaming app:

  • Show them a demo of playing rummy on KhelplayRummy app and invite them
  • Clear their misconceptions regarding online scams and tell them how safe the app is

Enjoy some loyalty points as you help your friend understand how to play the game on their smartphone by logging in

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