Colors of Joy

colors of joy

Let us color our lives with joy as the festival of Holi arrives. Let the bygones be and get enlightened for what’s coming your way in the year ahead. Be ready to splash some vibrant colors, get hit by those water balloons and shout out ‘Holi hain’

Khelplay Rummy wishes you all a very Happy Holi and therefore brings a Holi tournament just to make your day even more happening.

Khelplay Rummy’s Holi tournament ‘Colors of Joy’ worth Rs. 10 Lakhs has already kick started on 16th March, 2019 and will have its finale on 24th March, 2019.

The tournament is divided into 2 sections, Qualifier 1, Qualifier 2 and the Grand Finale. The tournament will have daily two Qualifiers, qualifier 1 that starts at 4pm while qualifier 2 that starts at 9pm. Qualifier 1 has free entry whereas qualifier 2 has a Buy in of Rs.100 plus additional cash prizes.

In both these qualifiers that began from 16th to 23rd March, 2019, the players shall get a chance to win tickets to the finale played by 2000 players. Also players who are not interested in playing the two qualifiers or have missed the qualifiers, no worries people as you can directly play the Grand Finale on 24th March at 9pm by making a Buy in of Rs.200.

So, players get ready to win some awesome prizes and even if you don’t, “Bura Naa Maano Holi Hain.”

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