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With the increasing prices of every necessity, it has become important to earn extra money. These days, every individual is striving to earn extra money to not just meet their necessities, but to go beyond that and live a luxurious life. Many of us have already figured out ways that help us in earning extra money.

One is to get a part-time job or freelance work, and the other is to play online rummy. The former is a complicated task, but the latter is fun and easy. Playing rummy requires both skills and luck. If you are a rummy player, you might already know this, but if you are new at rummy, then you will need to learn this.

If you play well, it is a game, which can make you win loads of cash while sitting at home. You can also call it ‘lucky rummy’. What is lucky rummy? Download app of KhelPlay Rummy and experience how lucky rummy game can be for you. Game of rummy will truly make you feel lucky when you win lots of cash prizes. If you wonder how you can get lucky playing online rummy, then here is a list of things you should do to earn money.

Rummy tournaments on KhelPlay Rummy

Online rummy is an excellent way to earn extra money. And, if you play smartly, you can win loads of cash prizes, that too on a regular basis. Rummy sites host many rummy tournaments. KhelPlay Rummy is the platform where you can check how lucky rummy game is as it offers daily tournaments & also gives you a chance to play, win, and feel lucky. Here are a few tournaments that you can play every day:

Don’t Pay Just Play Tournament

How about a Tournament where you just register on the app and start playing immediately? The Don’t Pay Just Play Tournament (DPJP) is exactly like that. Hence we say, in the world of rummy, lucky are the ones who download the KhelPlay Rummy app and feel lucky. Rummy app of no other platform will give that feeling. The DPJP is held 4 times in a day: at 10:05am, 2:35pm, 6:35pm, and 10:35pm. You don’t need to make a deposit at all! It is time you should feel lucky. Rummy online tournament of DPJP will let you win lots of cash prizes and give you that feeling of being lucky. Rummy game experience is truly awesome in KhelPlay Rummy.

Re.1 Entry Tournament

This tournament happens daily, and the entry fee is only 1 rupee. It is held at 11:05 am every day. Find this tournament, to get lucky, in rummy app of KhelPlay Rummy. Make your first deposit today to participate in the tournament and find out if you are lucky at rummy online, and then play every day and win every day. This is an easy way to win money whether you are a skilled rummy player or not.

Daily Freeroll Tournament

Lucky in rummy or not, participate in the freeroll tournament to win loads of cash daily. If you are skilled at rummy, then this is an excellent opportunity to win extra cash. It is held daily at 3:35pm. To check this tournament & see whether you are lucky, rummy apk download of KhelPlay Rummy is what you got to do, and it provides numerous exciting features.

Night Freeroll Tournament

A Tournament that is perfect for all those who find free time at night after a tiring day’s work. If you are still wondering how to find whether you are lucky in rummy, download app of KhelPlay Rummy, start playing and feel the luck in rummy. Apk of only KhelPlay is used by many rummy players and they become lucky in rummy. Online game activity for Night Freeroll begins sharp at 10:35 pm. Play every day and win from thousands of rupees as cash prizes.

Freeroll 250 Tournament

There is just no dearth of any Freeroll at KhelPlay Rummy, it is truly a ‘lucky’ rummy app for all. This Freeroll 250 is held 6 times in a day for all days of the month. The first tournament begins at 10:05am, and even if you miss it, feel lucky; rummy tournaments of Freeroll 250 are held after an interval of every 2 hours, for 5 more times in the day. So, play regularly and feel lucky, in rummy apk of KhelPlay Rummy and win lots of cash prizes.

Rummy Thalaiva Tournament

This is another tournament that is held daily on KhelPlay Rummy. It is another great opportunity to earn easy money every day. There is no entry fee for this tournament, which means no worries about losing your money.

One crucial tip to get lucky by playing rummy is that you must think lucky in rummy. Online game activity should be done on a regular basis. You just can’t consider yourself rummy lucky if you come online only once or twice a week. To know what’s lucky rummy, download app of KhelPlay Rummy and play rummy now.

Features of KhelPlay Rummy App

Right at this moment, feel lucky by doing rummy apk download of the KhelPlay app, as it lets you win cash instantly while playing online. It offers exciting features that will want you to play rummy every day.

24 x 7 UPI withdrawals

If you want to play online rummy, then KhelPlay Rummy should be your go-to choice. It offers instant withdrawals, so now, when you win money, get it immediately in your pocket. It also offers multiple payment options for your convenience: One being the bank Transfer, and another being UPI. You can withdraw your cash winnings at any time of the day, 24×7. Hence, feel lucky on rummy apk of KhelPlay Rummy, it is the one you should have.

100% Safe and Secure

KhelPlay Rummy is a certified app that offers 100% safe and secure transactions. It is legal to play online rummy in India (except in a few states. Check here). Your money and credentials are completely safe with KhelPlay Rummy. Without any worries, you can feel safe, feel lucky. Rummy game khelo KhelPlay Rummy mein bindaas.

Cross-platform compatibility

This truly ‘lucky’ rummy app is designed to perform smoothly on multiple platforms. It offers a seamless experience, so it doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or an experienced rummy player or on which platform you are playing. Navigate through the app with ease and play on android or iOS. So, right now do the Khelplay lucky rummy apk download.


Why Play only on one table when you can play on multiple tables at once! Just do KhelPlay lucky rummy app download and experience this awesome feature. If you are a rummy expert, then you should try multi-tables and get lucky. Rummy khelo to ab 3 tables pe, wo bhi ek hi time pe! Seamlessly switch between them as per your convenience and increase your chances of winning thrice.

24 x 7 Customer support

If your game is stuck or you are facing any issues, don’t worry, our customer support is always ready to help you. You can reach out to customer support at or use the ‘chat with us’ box to discuss your issues with an expert. We have also started with an inbound calling service for all our rummy players. You can call on 022-48910055 on all days of week, between 10 am to 7 pm.

Exciting bonuses and much more

KhelPlay rummy offers a host of features that will want you to play more. Once you download the app, you get a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit to play this lucky rummy online game. There are many other bonuses that you get after playing KhelPlay Rummy continuously. Every month, every week you will be greeted with new promotions, offers, and special tournaments.

So, download the KhelPlay rummy app and enjoy instant KYC and features like multi-tables, Wild card joker marking and much more. Play lucky rummy online regularly & win a lot of cash prizes.

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