Why KhelPlay Rummy is Beneficial for Card Playing?

Why You Should Play Rummy @ KhelPlay Rummy

KhelPlay Rummy has emerged as a ‘Garden of Eden’ for Indian card players. Today it has a reputation of being amongst the best rummy sites in India. But curious minds wonder how has KhelPlay Rummy achieved this distinction in such a short period of time?

KhelPlay Rummy has over a million registered players availing its card gaming services. Many of them are daily players who practice and play card games for cash. For them it’s the different offerings at KhelPlay Rummy that they find attractive. These offerings include:-

Exceptional Gaming Interface

The platform interface of KhelPlay Rummy is an absolute gem. Not only is it attractive but its software’s broad bandwidth can handle even the most complex game data algorithms. On logging in one can easily find his way around to playing different modes of play. High network speed and less waiting time is what makes it the best.

Safe and Secure Transaction System

Trust and Transparency with our customers are two important benchmarks which we follow strictly. KhelPlay Rummy is equipped with advanced security systems that ensures users can safely transact with financial products.

Trained Customer Support  

KhelPlay Rummy believes that investing in human potential is the best way to grow. Our trained customer support team is a prime example. On call 24*7 they are ready to help answer all customer queries with regard to site services. Moreover, our customers reach out to our customer support team for clarity whenever there are queries regarding any new offering, tournaments, and change in policy.

Going the Extra Mile!

KhelPlay has invested wisely intending to reap rewards for beneficial returns in the near future. The marketing team routinely comes up with creative discount offers that allow players to increase his share of take home winnings. These include low rake charges, fantastic regular deposit bonuses, Cash back schemes etc. It also has the 21 card rummy game which would be an attractive offering for players who want something more challenging than the 13 card game.

Innovation Causing Disruption!

Lastly Khelplay Rummy has its own mascot “Subbu” who is the appa of rummy. Subbu though a fictional character is innovated by the creative minds at KhelPlay Rummy marketing team. Thus when a player plays he is not alone, Subbu is his constant guide coming up tricks, and free rewards. Introduction of a mascot is first for card gaming site in India, and KhelPlay rummy has set a standard for sure.

We are there on 3 digital interfaces desktop, tab and mobile thus ensuring easy access to our mobile customer. Industry pundits claim that we are at cusp of the Golden age of Indian card gaming thanks to the growing awareness of Smartphones and Indians preferring them as a preferable mode of entertainment.

We take pride when our customers win Cash Prizes, or gifts which include 4G Smartphones, Gold Coins, Gold Bars, International Trips, IPhone, IPads. Our business philosophy centers around:

Providing the best customer service

Delighting our Customers every time

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