A Sneak Peek into KhelPlay Rummy’s Unknown Features

On;ine Rummy

Rummy is the perfect game you can enjoy with your family. It is not just the best entertainment but also easy to play. Rummy is a skill game that dates back to centuries. It is the most loved and popular game in India. It requires quick thinking and strategizing to win.

In the times of lockdown, rummy came as a savior to ward off boredom when everyone was stuck at home. Even in our everyday life, before the pandemic, rummy was enjoyed as a popular pastime among many.

KhelPlay Rummy is one of the best platform to enjoy rummy. It can make any boring day exciting. And, with the new features, you will enjoy this app even more because KhelPlay Rummy gives the best online gaming experience to its players. You can play games on KhelPlay rummy on the PC or download the app for android or iOS to play rummy even on the go.

The following are the features of KhelPlay Rummy that make your experience better.

Instant Withdrawals

With KhelPlay Rummy, you enjoy a fair and safe transaction. It offers instant withdrawals. You can win cash and transfer it instantly in your wallet.  The minimum amount of withdrawal goes from Rs. 200 to Rs. 10,000. The amount won by the player is transferred immediately to the player’s account.

Wild Joker Identifier

KhelPlay rummy app has a lot of features that keep its players hooked. One of these is the wild joker identifier. This feature marks your joker, so you don’t give it away to your opponents. It is one of the best things for any online rummy player, as it improves your overall performance throughout the game.

24*7 Customer Service

KhelPlay rummy is always ready to help its customers. Players who are facing any problems or have any queries can contact the KhelPlay Rummy customer service. Contacting the customer service is easy; you can discuss it over a chat session using the ‘chat with us’ box or even mail your problem/query to support@khelplayrummy.com. KhelPlay Rummy has several experts that are ready to solve your problems and give answers to your questions. You can ask queries related to the game’s rules, banking, website, terms, and conditions attached to the game, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

Powerful Cross-Platform Compatibility

One of the best features of KhelPlay Rummy is that it is compatible with multiple platforms. It has easy navigation and interface, making it perfect for anyone, be it rookie or experienced. As the app replicates the PC experience, players enjoy the convenience even while traveling.

Instant KYC

KhelPlay Rummy provides easy and automated KYC verification. This means you don’t have to go through the hustle-bustle of verification and enjoy playing rummy instantly. All you have to do is submit the required documents and you are good to go.


If you love playing rummy and you are great at it, then this feature is for you. The KhelPlay Rummy app allows you to play games on multiple tables at the same time. A player can play pool, deal, Point 10/13/21/27 card games all at once. They can also participate in tournaments, play other cash, and practice games at the same time.

Unlimited Free Rummy Games

KhelPlay rummy offers a lot of free games to its players. If you are new to rummy and want to play first before depositing any money, this is the right platform. It has unlimited games for rookies or someone who just wants to pass their time.

Different Avatar to Choose From

KhelPlay Rummy offers a wide variety of avatars to choose from. Make your own avatar and add a hint of your personality to the game. There is a bank of avatars, or you can also upload your own picture.

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