Will Smartphones Bury PC and Console Gaming In India

Smartphones Bury PC and Console GamingThe gaming industry worldwide is valued at many billions of dollars. Analysts believe its growth potential is going to be immense especially with smartphones also entering the race.  They are disrupting the traditional PC and console forms of gaming, and leading a major gaming revolution that is beneficial for the developing countries like India.

The Beginning!

Gaming has come a long way from the era of video games when few firms ruled the roost in the trade. They occupied a monopoly and their products were consumed unchallenged. These included Atari, Sega, and later on PlayStation consoles.

However, such products were still the fancy of developed nations and in developing nations like India only the middle class and rich could purchase these gaming products. The rest could at best visit gaming parlors, as these were expensive. There arose a need for cost effective gaming, and this was satisfied by Smartphones.

Smartphones vs. PC and Console Gaming

Developing countries like India have much to offer to the gaming world. They always missed out earlier as not every Indian could afford a PC or gaming console. Smartphones are much cheaper and a viable entertainment option, being compact, battery operated and most importantly mobile.

Game manufacturers consider India a large market place highly beneficial for their business. They are developing arcade, card, all other genres of games that they are confident will be appreciated and played by Indians.

India brings the power of numbers, and scale which is important for any manufacturer to develop a profitable global business. With over a billion population of which a significant part is below the age of 35, the country is young and hungry for gaming. PC games and console gaming is not affordable to all due to its high consumption price, but Smartphones especially low budget smartphones is perfect for playing games.

Young Indians and Smartphone

Gaming is mostly enjoyed by the young, and right from the days of the Atari video game, game manufacturer have targeted making games for the consumption of this audience. Today’s smartphones are like mini computers, and one can do numerous activities using it, and among the favorites activities of the young generation is playing online games on their mobile phone.

Young India refers to Indians below the age of 35, they are a significant part of its population. They are hungry for entertainment, and are also ready to pay for playing online games.

Popular games played on Smartphone

Currently both traditional as well as western games are being consumed by Indians on their smartphones. In traditional, its card games like Rummy, Mendikot, Teen Patti, that have emerged as famous hot-spots where the young assemble and play. Moreover, since there is also the facility to play cash games there is a lot of money involved in these games.

Card games have emerged to be among the most popular online games especially in India. Smartphones provide a fair platform wherein they can play games for cash. Coming in developed nations like India has been a blessing in disguise. As they have provided a better cost effective alternative to PC and play station consoles. Finally, it’s favored the King Customer! But it wouldn’t be correct to assume that it has buried its contemporaries of PC and Gaming Consoles, let’s just say that Smartphones have emerged as a Wild Dark Horse that is tilting this game in its favor with its sheer numbers!

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