The Biggest Rummy Festival – Offers Galore

Rummy Festival @KhelPlayRummy from 1st to 7th AprilKhelPlayRummy is all set to celebrate a grand rummy festival this summer. Starting on 1st April 2015, KhelPlayRummy has designed a 7 days of fiesta for all rummy lovers till 7th April 2015.

Thus, rummy enthusiast who log in during the fest will have an offer every day they log in, and the offer will just get better and larger with every passing day.


7.5% to 15% CashBack

On 1st, 2nd and 3rd April 2015 KhelPlayRummy is giving away flat 7.5 % cash back on all wagers by the players. And this wager gets better between 4th and 6th April 2015 when the cash back escalates to 10%. Similarly KhelPlayRummy also has 22% bonus designed for players making a deposit on 1st 2nd and 3rd April which jumps up to 23% on 4th, 5th and 6th April.

Biggest Rummy Offer on 7th April – Wait for it

Refer a Friend Bonus

Also friends referral which usually is 100% upto Rs.1000 of friends deposit has been scaled to 200% upto Rs.2000, this gives KhelPlayRummy’s regular players a great opportunity to earn big bonuses by inviting their friends to

But that is not all, the real surprise with great benefits awaits for those who stay on and login on 7th April which will be celebrated as Rummy Day. The cash back and bonuses will hit the ceiling and there would be much more. An absolutely lucrative proposition for all serious rummy players and rummy enthusiast.

A high prize tournament for serious players

What’s more? Well, good things don’t end that soon and KhelPlayRummy has also planned a Rummy Day Tournament on 10th April 2015, the tournament will have Rs.100,000 at stake and the entry for this tournament is exclusively for those players who play at the least one cash game between 1st and 7th April 2015. While the entry fee for the tournament is Rs.100, players can also earn a free ticket for the tournament by wagering for Rs.20000 or more between 1st and 7th April 2015 or wager for Rs.5000 or more on 7th April 2015.

It’s a week of festivity, it’s a week of grabbing offers and making money. But most importantly, it’s a week of playing some good rummy as a lot many players with different level of expertise will gather on to play some serious rummy.

Biggest Rummy Offer on 7th April – Wait for it

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