Tips To Bond With People of Different Ages Through Rummy

rummy through different agesRummy is a game that is most loved among Indians. People of all ages and stages of life tend to enjoy rummy equally. That is the reason why this game has so many distinct variants and it is played by people of different stratas of society. If used correctly, these games can really help to bond people and bring them together. Here are some ways in which rummy card games can bring people of different ages together and help them socialise forgetting their differences:

Offline Rummy Club Meetings

A rummy club is an association of rummy lovers in the area. Rummy clubs have been established to ensure that people get to communicate and play rummy together. It is also an interesting get-together where the people from rummy circles get to meet and know each other. Since rummy is a skills game, such associations help to improve skills among rummy lovers. It also helps to eliminate the traditional age barriers so that people of all ages get to interact with each other make new friends.

Online Rummy Tournaments

This is a relatively new trend that has been encouraged by the tech savvy generation. Many top rummy platforms like Khelplay Rummy allow rummy players to try out online rummy tournaments. These tournaments could be free or paid. The prizes decided for such tournaments may also vary. Anyone who is skilled at rummy and enjoys a challenge will surely enjoy such online rummy tournaments if he is good at using gadgets and devices.

Rummy Kitty Parties

Women have a more graceful way of dealing with their hobbies and it is not surprising that they enjoy mixing partying with gaming. That is the reason why rummy kitty parties have been the norm among women rummy players who take their love for the game seriously. The parties are usually an interesting mix of fun games, fancy dress, tambola and quizzes. Some women take special pleasure in organising rummy theme parties or rummy knowledge sharing parties. Such parties help the women involved know more about the game they love so much. It is also a great way to break the age barrier that so often separates people of the fairer sex and prevents them from interacting.

Cash Prize Rummy Contests Offline

While there are countless rummy cash contests online these days, this was a tradition that started offline in rummy clubs. A cash prize contest brings in maximum participants. The prospect of winning a cash prize attracts skilled rummy players. It is also the best avenue to showcase your true rummy playing skills. In different places, the contests maybe launched differently. In some places, there are many levels of the contest and there are prizes for winners of each level. In other places, there is just one mega contest and a do or die situation for all.

Challenging Rummy Quizzes on Social Media

People not just love playing rummy but also exploring the game and its history. People like to know how the game came into existence and evolved over a period of time. Challenging rummy quizzes help you share your knowledge about your favourite card game and also learn more interesting things about the same.

Rummy Tutorials from the Very Experts as Online Watching Videos

Sky is the limit when it comes to learning about rummy card games. There are many facts about rummy that most rummy players know already. There are also some facts that are still completely unexplored or checked. There are many new tactics that you haven’t tried in rummy yet. So, why not watch some rummy tutorials online and have it from the experts in your favourite card game? This is the intent with which top websites and rummy gaming apps like Khelplay Rummy have devised rummy tutorials and online videos. Switch on the video and play it to learn more about the exquisite rummy methods and strategies that can leave your opponent dumbfounded and also completely confused. Just look for tactics to play the different variations of rummy like deals rummy, points rummy, pool rummy, gin rummy and many more. Don’t tire yourself practising rummy just to learn tactics that the experts are already sharing on rummy tutorials.

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