Ways to Use the Joker Cards Wisely

Ways to Use the Joker Cards Wisely

Rummy is an exciting card game that can be enjoyed both offline and online. Over the past few years, people have majorly shifted from offline and have started playing rummy online. Today, there are tons of websites and mobile apps that offer free rummy gaming with real cash prizes. So, it’s important to play well and win more. One fantastic strategy to win the game is by knowing precisely when and how to use the Joker card. This card can be a game changer – it can make you win or lose. To ensure that the card always makes you win, you need to know how to use it well in the game.

To help you do just that, here’s a list of instances when the Joker cards should be used.

Try to Work without a Joker Card

From all the different cards in a deck, Joker is the trickiest card and should be used minimally. Try to play the game without using the Joker card. As soon as you start playing, aim to make a pure sequence and park it away. Then try to make your sets without the Joker. And if you are making two sets, try and close at least one set without a Joker.

Time your Discards Well

Joker in your spread may make you happy, but you still need a strong strategy to win the game. In case, 5 is the Joker card, you can discard cards close to it like 6 or 4. This will keep your opponents confused and you ahead in the game.

Impure Sequences and Joker

Joker card is useful when you are forming an impure sequence. But pay attention to what card you are replacing it with. If are holding on to high-value cards like King and Queen and replacing low-value cards like 2 and 3, then your point load increases, so it is not an advisable thing to do.

Use Your Jokers Smartly

If you have a Joker, do not discard it till the very end. And if you have more than one Joker, then use them to form your sets and sequences. Don’t make your sets with the Jokers at the very beginning of the game. As a thumb rule, Joker cards should be kept as your last resort.

When to Discard the Joker Cards

When you discard a Joker, your opponents can’t pick it from the discard pile. It always has to be drawn from the closed deck. So, if you have made your sequences and still have multiple Jokers, keep discarding them and pick other more useful cards.

We hope the above tips come to your aid and help you win while playing rummy offline or online. These tips should be honed by practice. So keep participating in rummy games and try these tricks. See which ones work best for you and stick to them.

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