The Origin, History and Evolution of Indian Rummy

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The history of Indian Rummy dates back several decades. Though not much is known about its origin, it is largely believed that the game is a derivative of United States popular Rummy games, Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. It is because this 13 card Rummy holds certain similarities with both these games.



While the Indian Rummy is quite like Rummy 500 as it is also played with 13 cards and two decks that mostly include jokers or wild cards, its turn by turn play makes it appear like Gin Rummy. The popular Gin Rummy is actually said to be its closest relative. If you love Gin Rummy then you are sure to like the interesting Indian Rummy as well.


A number of card games are played in our country however Rummy is the most popular of them all. It is a favorite time pass for many and is even considered to be a good way of socializing. The trend of inviting friends and colleagues for a game of Rummy accompanied by dinner and drinks is not new to the Indians. The 13 card game has also been a hot favorite in card rooms and casinos through out the country.


Although the 13 card Rummy is still enjoyed with a group of close friends and family members, the game is no longer limited to this small circuit. With the advancement in technology, this interesting Rummy variant has also evolved. Though, the game's rules remain almost the same, it can now be enjoyed online. Yes! Rummy lovers are no longer bound to travel to casinos or pursue their family or friends to spare time to play the game with them. They now have the liberty to play Rummy whenever and wherever they like. All they require is a PC/ laptop and a secure internet connection.


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