How To Play Rummy


Get Acquainted with Rummy and the Method to Play itTop

Rummy, the well-liked card game, is quite easy to understand. There are different Rummy games that one may play however the main aim of all these is to put together the cards in the form of valid sequences and/ or sets while keeping in mind the specific rules of the variant.

The favorite Indian Rummy requires the players to set all the given cards in the form of Sequences (that means arranging 3/ 4 successive suited cards) and Sets (that means putting together 3/ 4 cards of same unit but different suits). The game also includes jokers or wild cards which can be used to complete a Sequence or Set. It is essential to complete a Sequence with cards from the same suit while a Set should be formed using different suits.

To win a game, a player must make one pure or original sequence that means it is mandatory to have a minimum of one sequence made without using a joker or wild card. A pure sequence is also termed as 'Life 1'. After a pure sequence is built, the player has to make one more sequence which is also known as 'Life 2'. The players are allowed to use a joker or wild card to form this sequence. A player is also free to make more sequences and sets with joker or wild card. Each player is required to draw one card from the discarded pile of cards and do away with one of his card in return. One must see to it that he or she discards the card that he requires the least.

Learn the Fundamentals of RummyTop

Game RulesTop

At KhelPlayRummy, the game is played with two packs of cards. Each pack contains one Joker. The cards are ranked according to their numbers: Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen and King (with 2 being the lowest and King being the highest).

Ace may either serve as 1 or may even be considered as a face card while making a sequence or set. Ace contains 10 points and other Face cards K,Q and J also contain 10 points.

What is meant by a Table?

A Table is a place where the players come together to play Rummy. Generally, at one table only one game is played.

The Method of Drawing and Discarding the CardsTop

It is necessary for the players to pick a card and do away with one at each turn. While playing the 13 card Indian rummy, the players first pick a new card from the discarded deck, check the cards in hand and discard the one which is least required. After a player discards the card, his turn is over and it is then the next player's turn to play the game and so on.

Can a Player Fold or Drop the Cards?Top

Points AwardedTop

101 Pool Rummy

201 Pool Rummy

What is meant by Joker or Wild Card and How to use it?Top

Almost all the Rummy games are played with two Joker cards. Besides, after distributing the cards to the players, one card is arbitrarily selected from the discarded deck and this card is said to be the Joker or wild card for that particular game. Each card of any suit having an equal rank as the Joker is said to be the Joker for that game. A player may use these Jokers to make a Sequence or Set but it is essential for him/ her to make a pure sequence in order to make use of these cards.

What is meant by the phrase 'Open Joker is a Deck Joker'?Top

While playing Rummy whenever a Deck Joker is Open Joker then in that case all the Aces are considered Jokers.

What is meant by Life 1, Natural or Pure Sequence and What is its significance?Top

It is necessary to know the significance of the above mentioned terms if you want to play Rummy. While playing this game, a player is required to form a sequence with the cards of same suit; it must be made without using a Wild card or Joker. This sequence is known as Life 1, Natural or Pure sequence. It is also referred to as an Original sequence. A player must have a pure sequence when he shows the cards otherwise his/ her hand would be invalid. In this case, a penalty would be imposed on him/ her.

How to form a Sequences and Sets?Top

A minimum of two sequences need to be formed in Rummy. These are referred to as Life 1 and Life 2. Both these are explained below with examples:

1. Life1 or Pure Sequence: In order to win Rummy, a player must form a sequence with 3/ 4 successive cards from the same suit. This sequence should be made without using wild card or joker.

Here is an example of Life 1 to give you an idea about how a valid sequence is formed:

Card Sequence

Life 2: This sequence should also be made with 3/ 4 successive cards from the same suit. However, in this a wild card or joker may be used as a replaced for the natural card to form a sequence. The below given example should help in understanding it better.

Please Note: If the wild card joker selected in the beginning of the game, goes well with the other cards to form a sequence then it can included to make a pure sequence.

Card Sequence 1

SET1 and SET2 Once a player forms Life 1 and Life 2, he is then required to arrange his remaining cards in the form of a sequences or sets of 3/ 4 cards. He is free to use joker or wild card for preparing these sequences or sets. Here is an example of the valid sets/ sequences:

Card Sequence 2

Here the jokers or wild cards may serve as a replacement for any number to form a sequence or set.

Points to Remember

The player who forms and declares 3/ 4 valid groups first becomes the winner of that game or round.

After forming Life 1, a player is free to make use of the jokers or wild cards. They can prepare the rest of the sequences or sets including Life 2 using a joker.

Since 2 packs are used to play Rummy, a player is allowed to make more than one set/ sequence using the same value/ suit/ colour cards. But one card can only be used in one set/ sequence.

What is meant by a Group?Top

The Group option helps a player in segregating or grouping cards to manage the game better. KhelPlayRummy allows a player to group two or more cards by using the Group button. All one needs to do is to click on the Group button for forming different groups after choosing the cards. A player can not make more than 4 groups at one time.

How can a player win online Rummy/ What is meant by Show, Meld and Declare?Top

After arranging all the cards in the form of sequences and sets a player is required to make a Show in order to declare that he is the winner of the game. However, he cannot ask for Show anytime during the game; he needs to wait for his turn in order to do so. After picking the last card, forming valid sequences/ sets with the cards in hand and discarding the one he does not require, a player needs to make a Show. If the cards shown are grouped into valid sets and sequences as explained above then the player wins the game.

At KhelPlayRummy table, in order to Show, a player is required to select a card and press the finish tab. He may even drag the card and drop it on Show.

Incase a player does a wrong show which means if his sequences and sets are not valid then he gets 80 points as penalty for the wrong move. After a player declares Show, all the players on the table are required to show their cards.

The points of the players who lose are calculated by adding up the values of all their cards that are not a part of a valid set/ sequence. However, there are a few exceptions to it. These are mentioned below:

Multiple accounts are not permissible. Players may create just one account per household.

What is meant by a Round?Top

A Round begins with distribution of the cards to the players on the table and concludes with a player calling for a valid Show.

What is meant by Dealing?Top

The act of distribution of cards to the players who have come together on the table for a game of Rummy is called Dealing.

What's meant by Re-Joining?Top

When can a player "Re-join" in the table?Top

A player can join by buying in for a second time and agreeing to re-join the table provided if the next highest points on the table are not greater than "174 points" in case for the game 201 points and "79 points" in case of 101 points game.

Entry Fee to Re-Join a TableTop

Each time a player rejoins a game of Rummy, an amount equivalent to the entry fee is deducted from his account.

Auto Play Option and its RulesTop

Getting disconnected during the game, especially when you are about to win is the worst thing that can happen. The team at KhelPlayRummy values the time and effort invested by you in assessing the game and grouping the cards. Hence, it offers you the Auto Play option that keeps the game going in the below mentioned cases.

Whenever a player gets inactive or disconnected in between a game or round, his game would go on the Auto Play mode. This means he doesn't have to worry about the internet connectivity issues or if he has to leave the game in between due to any other reason.

When on the Auto Play mode, the system would draw a card and do away with the same card. Thus, whenever a player gets reconnected or reactivated, he gets the chance to play with the same cards he had left.

Whenever, the player is back, he may press the Reconnect button to join the other players on the table.

What is Toss?Top

Card Distribution/ Cutting the DeckTop