How To Play Rummy Game Online

Rummy is an extremely popular card game with a huge following in India. But it can often be tricky to learn rummy for beginners. It’s almost always the case for a newbie who wants to play a rummy card game; how to play rummy so that I can start winning? Nevertheless, here we list down some simple rummy rules on how to play rummy game online and learn rummy thoroughly.

Rummy is basically a card game where your goal is to try to improve the hand you are dealt at the start of a game. This is done in two ways –

  • Drawing cards from a stock (or pile)
  • Picking the card thrown by your opponent while simultaneously discarding another card from your hand.

This sounds simple, doesn’t it? That’s because it’s that easy to get started with rummy online, if you know the basics on how to play rummy with cards. When you start to learn to play rummy, you will know that Rummy can be played with two or up to 6 players (the more the merrier, right?). The total number of decks used could be between 2-3 decks, depending upon number of players and type of game. Now let’s move onto the most important part of learning how to play rummy card game online - what’s the objective or goal of a rummy game?

Objective of Rummy –
Well, like all games, your ultimate objective in rummy is to win! Well, on a more serious note, your goal is to declare or meld your cards into two primary types of combinations –

  • Runs/Sequence - Three or more cards of the same suit grouped in consecutive order, like 4, 5, 6 or 8, 9, 10, J. It is termed as “Pure Sequence”. Impure sequence can be with joker.
  • Sets - Three or four of a kind of the same rank, like 7, 7, 7.

Before we move further with the rules that will help you learn how to play rummy online, we need to make sure you understand the following terms -

  • Melding - Melding involves taking a combination of cards from your hand you are dealt, and placing it face up on the table in front of you. As described above, there are two different combinations here - runs and sets.
  • Lay off - This involves placing a card from your hand to a declare/meld that’s already on the table.
  • Discard - When you play a card from your hand on top of the discard pile, it is called discarding. Thus, at the end of each turn, you get rid of one card by discarding.

Our next step in learning how to play rummy card game is to make sure we understand a few simple rules when it comes to playing rummy.

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  • Traditional Rummy is played with the help of two deck of cards each having one printed joker.
  • All the face cards like Jack, Queen and King along with Aces have 10 points. The rest of the cards 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10 have values equivalent to the card numbers like 3 of spade has 3 points.
  • One Pure sequence is must along with other valid sets and sequences.
  • Pure sequence
    To learn to play Rummy card game you need minimum of 2 and maximum 6 players to play the game. In order to play Rummy and also win the game, a player must form a sequence with 3 or more successive cards from the same suit. This sequence should be made without using wild card or joker. It is called Pure sequence.

    Like for example:

    how to play rummy
  • Impure Sequence
    To know how to play rummy game online you must also learn to play rummy the right way. You should know about Impure Sequence. An impure sequence is made with 3 or more successive cards from the same suit. However, in this a wild card or joker may be used as a replaced for the natural card to form a sequence. The below given example should help in understanding it better.

    Like for example:

    life in rummy card game
  • Sets
    After understanding how a sequence is formed we shall now understand what is a set. A Set is a group of three or more cards all of the same rank but belonging to different suits. You can use one or more Joker cards to complete your Set. Once you succeed in arranging these sets and groups appropriately, you can declare your cards and win the game. Here’s an example of a set.

    Like for example:

    life in rummy game
  • Making a valid show

    At Khelplay Rummy table, in order to Show, a player is required to select a card and press the finish tab. He may even drag the card and drop it on Show.

    Like for example in 13 card Rummy, if a player does a wrong show which means his sequences and sets are not valid then he gets 80 points as penalty for the wrong move. After a player declares Show, all the players on the table are required to show their cards.

    How to make valid show in 10 Card Rummy?
    How to make valid show in 21 Card Rummy?
    How to make valid show in 27 Card Rummy?
  • Winning the game:

    After arranging all the cards in the form of sequences and sets, a player is required to make a Show in order to declare that he is the winner of the game. However, he cannot ask for Show anytime during the game; he needs to wait for his turn in order to do so. Once his turn arrives he can show his cards, If the cards are grouped into valid sets and sequences as explained above then the player wins the game.
The drop points mentioned in the table below are restricted to only 13 Card Rummy.

DROP POINTS 101 Pool Rummy 201 Pool Rummy
First drop (Prior to drawing a card) 20 25
Middle drop (In case a player has drawn a card) 40 50
Drop points for 10 card Rummy
Drop points for 21 card Rummy
Drop points for 27 card Rummy

Point Calculation when player loses a game

The points of the players who lose are calculated by adding up the values of all their cards that are not a part of a valid set/ sequence. However, there are a few exceptions to it. These are mentioned below:
  • In case the player who loses does not have any pure sequence, the points of all his cards are added.
  • In case the player who loses hasn't been able to form two sequences and has just one pure sequence then only the points of the pure sequence would not be added.
  • In 13 Card Rummy particularly, a player cannot get more than 80 points. For example, if the total points of the losing players' cards are 90 then also he would get 80 points.
  • In case a player makes all the required sequences/ sets and makes a valid show however he is not the one who has declared that game, then he would get 2 points.

Now that you’ve learnt how to play rummy game online, why don’t you go ahead and Enjoy the game!

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