10 Cards Rummy

10 Cards Rummy
10 Cards Rummy

Like to play 13 Cards rummy? If you do, you will definitely love 10 Cards Rummy! Enjoy the fast-paced action of 10 Card Point Rummy and have great fun at the tables.

10 Cards Points Rummy is a single deal game and players play for points. The chip value can be pre-decided and the winner wins all the chips/cash at the end of the game, i.e. on declare of a valid show. Thus the winning comprise of the sum total of points of all the opponents multiplied by the pre-determined value of the points in rupees minus the rake. Thus, Winnings = (Sum of all points that opponents get) X (Rupee value of the point) - Rake

  • Only one deal is done for each points rummy game
  • Value of points is pre-fixed at the beginning of the game
  • An amount equivalent to 60 points is brought in by each player.
  • Thus, the maximum required amount that the player gets to the table would be maximum points X point value X 10 games. For e.g. if players decide Rs.1 as preset value of a point, the amount to get to the table would be 60 (max point) x Rs.1 x 10 game = Rs. 600. Refer to the image below for better understanding.
  • To enable a player to get maximum required / allowed amount to the table, editable option is available to player. Player can edit Maximum allowed chips in two cases:
  • If the cash balance available in the players account is less than maximum required, then the total available balance will be shown by default amount in Other Amount text box.
  • If the cash balance available to the player is more than required maximum amount to take to the table, the Other Amount text box will show blank by default. The player can enter the amount they desire to take to the table.
  • Maximum amount cannot be less than the minimum required amount, else player cannot commence the game.

confirmation message of how much money you would like to bring to table

  • Players who wish to drop out of the game before they play their turn (draw their first card) tend to lose as First Drop, which will be 15 points.
  • Players who play their first turn or number of turns (draw and discard) and wish to drop out of the game at a stage earlier than the game show is called by any player is referred as Middle Drop, which will be 30 points.
  • Players who fail to meld any card when a show is called is referred as Full Count, which is 60 points.
  • First Hand Show: Maximum of 30 Points The declaration of show when made by any player during the first 'round of turn' after the beginning of the game is called 'First Hand Show'
  • In First Hand Show, actual points of melds or 60 points, whichever is lower, will be calculated for players who have played their first turn. Point calculations for players who have not yet played their first turn, will be, actual calculated points of melds or 30 points whichever is lower.
  • If it is a 2-player table then 1 deck will be used which will have total of 4 jokers are used in the game, 1 Printed Joker and 3 Wild Card Jokers.
  • If it is a 6-player table then 2 decks will be used which will have total of 9 jokers are used in this game, 2 Printed Jokers and 7 wild Card Jokers.
  • Players need to make 1 Life or Pure Sequence.
  • One mandatory Pure Life/sequence (straight sequence without any Joker) else it will be considered full count.
  • Other than the one mandatory sequences, the other cards can be grouped for melding can be in sequence or sets of minimum 3 or maximum 6 cards. Another additional Pure Life can be made but is not mandatory.
  • The player who calls for a valid show gets 0; other players get points that are a total of the deadwood (not used in valid runs or sets) cards that they hold.
  • The penalty for leaving the table is Full Count, which is 60 points. The equivalent of 60 points in Rupees (as predetermined) will be deducted.
  • Auto Play will commence to play in case you are disconnected during play. The amount of turns auto play will be applicable is defined under How to Play rummy --> "Auto Play Rules"
  • The winning player gets Reward Amount = Total Points of all Losing Players X Points Value - Rake.

At multiple stages during an ongoing game, all players playing the game get the option to quit from the next deal out / round. On selecting 'Do not deal next game' check box, game will not be deal for the next round by default. Thus they can safely quit a table without incurring penalty.

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