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Card Games is not only about juggling ones’ skills with a Standard deck of 52 Cards, having four suits of Spade, Club, Hearts and Diamond. It involves a lot more than that; capture those moments a player spends along with family & friends playing a hand or two of rummy or teen patti. Reflect upon the happiness of a player winning in a big online rummy tournament.

Card games per say have been around since the 9th Century and are speculated to have originated in China. They are often played for stakes of money, which is sometimes in the form of chips. It’s commonly a social activity to play cards and involves a group of people, that wager amounts on stakes. There also are card games that do not traditionally involve money or stakes, and are played casually by players all around the world.

Rummy is one such good example of a card game played with and without stakes. Rummy unlike most of the card games is not a chance based game. Rummy is a game of skill and strategy, where one has to form groups or melds with the cards dealt to them. As the game proceeds further the player is allowed to draw and drop cards to form sets and sequences. The player who does that the first is the winner of the specific round.

Similarly, Black Jack is a game of skill, still there are some factors which enforce it to be a game of chance. The game runs in a set of 21 cards and a player can keep a count to win, but such activity or strategy is generally prohibited in Card Clubs and Casinos.

Other Card games include, Poker, Gin Rummy, Patience, Spider, Slap Jack and so on. These Card Games are played worldwide by card enthusiasts and players alike.

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