13 Card Rummy Game Online - Free Multiplayer

Rummy is well known and widely played card game. It has multiple variations to it, each version comes with their own set of rules, differing slightly from one another.

13 Card Rummy is one of the most common variations of rummy played across the globe. Since rummy is a draw and discard game. It requires each player to maintain a total number of 13 cards at a time. The rules for 13 cards rummy are pretty straight forward. They require a player to form melds with particular guidelines. Which are; For a player to win a particular game or a round, they must form a minimum of 2 melds from the 13 cards that they are dealt with. The melds can be of two types; one where the player can form a group of 3-4 consecutive cards from the same suit. This is known as a sequence. Another way of melding is, by grouping 3-4 cards of the same value or face, from different suits. Without repetition of a card, this called as a set. The basic rules of rummy require one of the 2 compulsory melds formed to be a pure sequence, that is, must be made without the use of a joker.

13 card rummy is very commonly played in the Indian subcontinent and is a sub variant of Indian rummy. The specialty of 13 card rummy is that it is a quick paced version of the standard rummy. It requires players to strategize and formulate plans to arrange and count the number of cards, helping them boost their gameplay.

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