27 Card Rummy Rules

27 Card Rummy is played only with Point Rummy variant. This game is played between 2 to 5 players with three decks of cards and makes use of an extra group of 2 Up & 2 Down Jokers apart from the standard set of Printed and Wildcard jokers. However, before you begin to play, you need to familiarize yourself with some new terminologies & other 27 Cards Rummy rules. Check out the following aspects below to understand the 27 cards rummy rules:

  • Upper and Lower joker: Upper and Lower joker can be explained well with an example given below

    Example 1: If 5♠ is selected as a Wild Card Joker, then 3♠ is considered as 2 down joker, 4♠ as 1 down joker, 6♠ as 1 up joker and 7♠ as 2 up joker. The Upper and Lower jokers can also be used in place of any other card to complete a sequence or a set.

    Example 2: In case an Ace of club (A♣) is picked as the Wild Card Joker then Q♣ and K ♣ will be down jokers and 2♣ and 3♣ will be up jokers. However, it should be noted that a sequence of K-A-2 will not be considered a valid sequence even if Ace is a Joker.

    Example 3: In case a Printed Joker is picked as the Wild Card Joker then all Aces (A♠ A♥ A♣ A♦) will be considered as Wild Card Jokers. In this case, then K♠ & Q♠ will be lower and 2♠ & 3♠ will be upper joker (as ♠ is considered to be the highest suit)
  • Marriage or Jackpot: A combination of two upper jokers, two lower jokers and one same suit wild card joker is called a marriage or a jackpot.
  • Tunnela or London: A group of three identical cards of the same value and same suit is called a Tunnela (or London) in 27 Card Rummy E.g. - 5♥ 5♥ 5♥
    A valid Tunnela can be formed out of three Printed Jokers grouped together. Two identical cards with a joker is not a valid Tunnela or London E.g. - 6♦ 6♦ K♦ (where K♦ is a joker), a Joker cannot be used to make a Tunnela.
  • Dublee: Two identical cards of the same value is called a Dublee in 27 Cards Rummy E.g. - 5♥ 5♥.

    • A valid Dublee can also be formed with two printed jokers grouped together.
    • One card plus a joker, such as 6♦ K♦ (where K♦ is a joker), is not a valid Dublee.
    • Joker cannot be used to make a Dublee, unless used as a regular card and not a Joker, e.g. K♦ K♦ (here K♦ is a joker yet a valid Dublee).
  • Value Cards: The cards of same suit that are 2 up and 2 down of the wild card joker are called value cards.

    Like for example: If 9♣ is the wild card joker then 2 down jokers 7♣ 8♣ and 2 up jokers 10♣J♣ of the same suit together i.e. 7♣ 8♣ 9♣ 10♣ J♣, will be called value cards.
  • In 27 card Rummy, you have 3 decks of 53 cards each including 3 printed jokers.
  • In 27 Card Rummy game, we have 2 down joker and 2 up jokers. An example of the same is explained in the information mentioned above.
  • 27 Card Rummy is played as the traditional Rummy like picking and discarding of cards but it additionally includes terms like Dublee, Tunnela, 2 Up and 2 Down jokers along with printed jokers, with which you can make a valid show.
  • You have to declare at least four (4) pure sequences (minimum of 3 cards or above) and the rest of the cards arranged in sets or sequences. Tunnela is also treated as pure sequence
  • You have to declare at least four tunnelas- the rest of the cards need not be arranged in any order, either remaining cards need not be grouped or can be clubbed into single group.
  • You have to declare at least Ten (10) dublees- the rest of the cards need not be arranged in any order. Each pair of dublees should be arranged in individual groups during declaration.
  • You have to declare Ten (10) jokers in a single group- the rest of the cards need not be arranged in any order. All the jokers should be arranged in one group during declaration.

Drop Points Calculation

Drop points are those points that a player loses during the game. The chart below describes the number of points that a player loses when he/she drops followed by an example.

First drop 40
Middle drop 80
Max points earned (without value cards) 160
Max points with value cards 300

How winning points are calculated at Khelplay Rummy?

Winnings = (Positive Score of the Winner) X (Rupee-value of the point) - KhelPlayRummy Fees E.g.: 5 players play a '`2 / Point' Rummy game. Player 5th declares and the other four players get total scores of -10, -20, -30 and -40 points respectively. The winner's Cash Prize will be calculated as 2 x (10 + 20 + 30 + 40) = `200. This will be credited to the winner's KhelPlayRummy account after deduction of the KhelPlayRummy Fee.

Value Cards Points

In 27 Card Rummy, in addition to the points lost/ won, each non-dropped player gets positive points for value cards in hand and gets negative points for value cards held by other non-dropped player.

VALUE CARDS POINTS Single Card Two Cards Three Cards
Same Suit joker 20 60 120
One Up Joker 10 30 60
Two Up Joker 10 30 60
One Down Joker 10 30 60
Two Down Joker 25 75 150
formula to calculate rummy points

Cases where player loses 2 points:

  • In 27 Card Rummy, if a player has 9 Dublees in hand, he will lose only 2 points.
  • In case of joker, if a player has 9 jokers in hand, he will lose only 2 points.
  • In case when all the players’ cards are arranged in valid sets and sequences including 4 pure sequences, the player will lose 2 points.
  • In case the player declares with/ four tunnelas, he will lose 2 points.

Point Calculation for Marriage or Jackpot

  • If a player has one marriage in hand, he/she receives 150 points from each non-dropped player. For two marriages or three marriages held by a player he/she receives 375 points and 600 points respectively, from each non-dropped player.
  • A marriage need not be declared as a sequence in order to receive points for it. The cards in a marriage can be used as jokers to form other sets\sequences.
  • Cards that have been counted as a part of a marriage, will not fetch individual value card points for the player.
  • A player who made the invalid declaration will exchange points with other players for his/her value cards.

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