Pool Rummy


Pool Rummy is a popular and much liked variation of rummy. Also known as Syndicate among Rummy circles, this 2-4-6 player game is one of the popular online rummy game played at KhelPlayRummy.com.

The popular 101 & 201 Pool RummyTop

101 Rummy and 201 Rummy are the two most popular formats of pool Rummy. At KhelPlayRummy.com both of these popular versions are available for play.

How is Pool Rummy played and who is declared as a winner?Top

101 and 201 are the pre-determined elimination points of the two pool rummy variants. The essence of the game is that players scores the least possible points and avoid reaching the elimination points of 101 and 201. The player who reaches 101 and 201 points in the respective variants has to leave the game while the player who remains back at the table till the end with least points is the winner.

Pool in and Pull outTop

All the players participating in this game pool in an entry fee and the winner takes the sum total of entry fee after deduction of the rake amount. Playing online rummy on KhelPlayRummy.com means the winning amount is credited in the winner�s cash account.

Prize Money = Number of Players X Entry Fee � Rake. The winners account is credited with the prize money.

101 Pool RummyTop

201 Pool RummyTop

All other regular widely practiced rules of 13 Cards Rummy applies to this game.