Rummy Variants

Here are the Rummy Variants available on KhelplayRummy:

Points Rummy

Points Rummy is known to be the fastest Rummy format. This is mainly because every game in this Online Rummy format lasts only for one deal. In this type of Indian Rummy, the game is played for points that have a pre-determined rupee value. There is a single winner who wins the game and the entire cash is given to him at the completion of every game. Winner gets: (Sum of the points scored by his opponents X Pre-decided Rupee value of the points) - Rake.

There are two kinds of Points Rummy games that a player may choose to play at KhelplayRummy:

Pool Rummy

This is a famous Rummy format, also called Syndicate. In this kind of Rummy Online, the player who scores the minimum points is declared the winner of the game. A minimum of two and maximum of six players can come together on the table to play a game of Pool Rummy. Since the player with the least score wins the game, the main aim of each player is to keep his score low. In 101 and 201 Rummy, if the score of a player reaches 101 or 201 respectively then he is eliminated and the player who manages to keep his score below the mentioned points until the end wins the game.

There are 2 major kinds of Pool Rummy

1. 101 Pool Rummy

2. 201 Pool Rummy

3. Deal Rummy

Best of 3

Best of 6 Rummy

The entry fee starts at Rs. 10 and goes until Rs. 2000. Given below is a detailed entry fee table:

Entry fees Rs.10 Rs.25 Rs.50 Rs.100 Rs.300
Total amount Rs.60 Rs.150 Rs.300 Rs.600 Rs.1800
Rake Rs.9 Rs.22.5 Rs.45 Rs.60 Rs. 180
Total Prize Amt Rs.51 Rs.127.5 Rs.255 Rs.540 Rs.1620
Winner Rs.51 Rs.127.5 Rs.255 Rs.540 Rs.1620

The rest of the rules are the same as the other Indian Rummy variants.

How to begin playing?

There are different entry fee options. These are Rs.10, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.250, Rs.500 and Rs. 2000.