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Refer a Friend
Refer a Friend
Get 100% Bonus on Referring a Friend

If you love playing Rummy Online, it is very likely that your Friends are also equally passionate about this game. As if the prospect of playing Rummy online with your friends is not thrilling enough, KhelPlay Rummy now offers you an added incentive to get your friends to join in and play online Rummy at a Referral Bonus of 100% on your friend's first Deposit which wouldpotentially allow you to earn up to `1,000 in Bonus on every Referral! Hurry! Start Inviting your Friends now to KhelPlay Rummy!

Remember, your earnings will be equivalent to your friend's initial deposit up to `1,000 as shown in the table below:

Sr.No Friend's 1st Deposit Referral Bonus Availed
e.g. 1 `500 `500 (100%)
e.g. 2 `1,000 `1,000 (100%)
e.g. 3 `3,000 `1,000 (maximum limit)
Disbursement of the Referral Bonus earned by Referrer:

The Referral Bonus is disbursed in 20 parts. If `1,000 is earned via Referral, Referrer will not receive the entire amount together. Instead, first part of 20 will be credited in the account under the condition that Referrer generates rake equivalent to 100% of the part (`50), i.e. `50. Below given table would make it clearer:

On referral deposit of `1,000, 100% Referral Bonus of `1,000 will be disbursed as shown below:

Bonus Distribution (Parts) Rake Generated Bonus Credited
1st `50 `50
2nd `50 `50
3rd `50 `50
- - -
- - -
- - -
18th `50 `50
19th `50 `50
20th `50 `50
Total `1,000 `1,000

Management has the right to modify or withdraw the Offer at any time without providing any prior information to the Players. In addition, if any fraud is detected by Account / Fraud team, Management has the right to debit back released Bonus.

Terms and Conditions:

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