About Us

Biggest, most advanced, most loved, transparent, safe and most trusted – that is what Khelplayrummy.com is to its esteemed users.

It would seem like boasting, but we are India's most rewarding 13 cards Indian Rummy site providing the ultimate platform to rummy enthusiast, bringing them together on the same stage. We are providing the final gateway for those who love this game of skill from across India to indulge in their favorites hobby. All of this made possible by the advanced multi-user interface developed by us.

The website offers online rummy games of 13 Cards Indian Rummy and 21 Cards Rummy. In 13 Cards Indian Rummy it offers three different formats of the games, namely, Points Rummy, Deal Rummy and Pool Rummy. For the more enthusiastic rummy players Khelplayrummy.com also offers an array of Tournaments at regular intervals, round the clock.

Rummy enthusiast across India prefer our site because of the advanced gaming experience we provide, coupled with transparency, security and confidentiality of player information, personal or otherwise. The sites user friendly features, adds to the overwhelming response from the users.

For the novice and beginners a special module is created where they can unlimited free rummy. While baseless hearsay regarding legalities of this game are rife, let us put that to rest by stating and informing you that the Indian Supreme Court has declared Rummy as a 'Game based on skill and mere skill'

While this website provides a many types of online rummy games and Indian rummy, for you to indulge in, explore and enjoy, we however advice that you need to ensure that you will play rummy online games in the spirit of sport and very responsibly.

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