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rummy testimonial of Baba2019

Ever since i joined Khelplay Rummy , my daily frustrated life change alot into a shower of blessings. Everything about Khelplay Rummy is so awesome, on top of that I also won 50000 in the Khiladiyon ka Khiladi tournament and I'm super excited and overwhelmed. This is the best online rummy cash games ever. I had played 2-3 online other cash games but they are not reliable.. My big Thank you goes to all the support and technical staff of Khelplay for the good online cash game.

Baba2019 (Nagaland)
rummy testimonial of devendra1991

Hii khelplay rummy team

This is being really very appreciated that I got 3k as fair play reward were in one of the pool table of 3k of 6 players some fraud was done which I was really not aware off...but u the team had shown good sign of honestly and loyalty which is really appreciated...

I have played on many sites of rummy but I can say that this site is very trustworthy because the security of this site is excellent...

Very very thanks team hope this site goes very high

devendra1991 (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of Hemant Kumar Benna

From 2 years I'm playing KhelPlay Rummy. It's best in Rummy apps. Many Tournaments conducted. Fast Withdrawals. And in Khelplayers Leader Board this month I have won Rs. 40,000! I am very happy.

Hemant Kumar Benna (Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of Anjilucky143

I love playing in the Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi Tournament. I want to play it again and again. It is very exciting to have won Rs. 10,000 as the 3rd Prize in this Tournament. Thank you for giving me a chance to play and win! I am very happy to play on KhelPlay Rummy. Their support staff is very helpful to me when I have any problems. With their help, I am playing enthusiastically. Their service has made me very happy.

Anjilucky143 (Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of nilrshthakur446

My first priority is my family, second is Cricket. But off season, I playing rummy card games on KhelPlay Rummy and this time fortunately winning 50 thousand rupees in the Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi tournament. I am very happy!

nilrshthakur446 (Raigarh, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of Nareshtare

I feel very happy. I won 5 gram gold coin in Festive Special Tournament. i never thought i will win. It is a very thrilling victory for me. Tankyou so much KhelPlay Rummy for the tournament.

meerasettu01 (Gopalapuram, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of Nareshtare

This year I got the best Diwali gift from KhelPlay Rummy. Very happy to win the 3rd prize `50,000 in their Diwali Dhamaka Tourney. Thank you KhelPlay Rummy, the best online rummy app. ever.

nareshnk970 (Mundra, Gujarat)
rummy testimonial of Nareshtare

Kal Maine `50000 hajar rupees jita KhelPlay Rummy ke Khiladiyon ka Khiladi 5lakh tournament main. Mujhe bahut Aacha laga. Surakshit aur sabse jada jeet chahiye to khele KhelPlay Rummy ke sath.

Nareshtare (Thane, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of Pvinnu007

I won `25000 in KhelPlay rummy’s Khiladiyon ka Khiladi 5 lakh tournament, I am very happy, get best online rummy experience and instant wins only at KhelPlay Rummy.

Pvinnu007 (Nellore,Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of vikasvdv

hi friends my name is vikas and i want to say somelines about khelplay rummy its very very nice and easy game and most its trustable the game has tournament with free entry and win big i have won `64786 from last tournament i can't believe that i won at 1 place in that guys its very easy to win but u have your luck in your hand and again i want to say its trustable game play and enjoy thanks.

vikasvdv (Asegaon, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of mahendrakamble

2nd Rank in Mega million Tournament & won `1,10,333. I love Khelplay rummy , wildest best game, well organized, safe to withdrawal money, and also well chat help and very best in call because they answer and solve my various confiscation, call attention is very nice, thank you my friend

mahendrakamble (Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of uday654

I won `51,000 in Mega million Tournaments. I really njyd playing rummy in khelplay, especially the tournaments which gives us chance to win huge amount. Thnx to khelplay ..

uday654 (Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of Mithaparavijay

I won `25,000 in mega million Tournament. khelplayrummy Webisite is a good platform to win real money, i love to play every Thursday depositor tourney, i like khelplayrummy.

Mithaparavijay (Gujarat)
rummy testimonial of Dhanesh007

I won `40,000 in Shark shiver Tournament, I am very happy to share my feedback, Khelplayrummy mobile app interface is very easy to use if we compare with other competitor mobile apps. Most important thing is khelplayrummy process withdrawal amount in same day, I will refer khelplayrummy mobile app with all my friends.

Dhanesh007 (Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of kpnsakthivel

I love KhelPlay Rummy. It helps me pass time when I’m bored. And when I win, money gets immediately credited into my account. I am very lucky that I won that iPhone X mobile in KhelPlay Rummy’s i-Phone X Tournament. KhelPlay Rummy always has some offer for customers. Next, my aim is to win 25 lakhs in KhelPlay Rummy’s Million Maker Tournament. I surely will win 1st Prize. It’s a Very nice Tournament. I totally love all KhelPlay Rummy Games!

kpnsakthivel (Tamil Nadu)
Proud Winner of i-Phone X in i-Phone X Tournament
rummy testimonial of dil12

KhelPlay Rummy is the best rummy site I’ve ever played on. It provides a good platform for playing rummy. It’s very easy to deposit and withdraw cash. The site also provides excellent customer service. Thank you KhelPlay Rummy.

dil12 (Muttom, Kerala)
Proud Winner of i-Phone 6 in i-Phone Mania Tournament
rummy testimonial of ravindra

I am very happy to be one of the Winners in the Holiday Anywhere Offer. Playing online Rummy at KhelPlay Rummy gives me a thrill similar to what I experience when playing with my group of friends. I’m glad that I achieved the target and won, and would like to thank KhelPlay Rummy for bringing out such an exciting Offer.

Ravindra3655 (Bengaluru, Karnataka)
rummy testimonial of suguna

I feel awesome after winning KhelPlay Rummy’s Smartphone Tournament! My experience of playing online Rummy at KhelPlay Rummy has been exceptional! I can add and withdraw cash without trouble, and have won on multiple occasions. Just last week, I won `1,500! Anytime I log in, I find thousands of players to play with at KhelPlay Rummy, many of whom are highly talented! I also get fabulous Bonus offers. I always refer KhelPlay Rummy to my family and all friends.

Suguna (Qutubullapur, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of chsu

I feel great after winning 1st Prize in KhelPlay Rummy’s Smartphone Tournament! Last time, I couldn’t win in the Smartphone Tournament, so I am extremely happy that I won this time around! I would like to see more Tournaments being held on KhelPlay Rummy with even bigger Prizes, and I look forward to playing and winning in these Tournaments!

chsu12 (Hyderabad, Telangana)
rummy testimonial of kittigaa

I was thrilled with this Tournament. Earlier, I thought there was something fishy about it but now I can proudly say KhelPlay Rummy is genuine! Thank you, KhelPlay Rummy!

Kittigaa (Tadepalligudem, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of geeta

I am so happy I won first prize of Xmas Tournament. Last year also I had won i-Phone6. KhelPlay Rummy is best Rummy website!

geeta77 (Delhi)
rummy testimonial of nandu ramesh

My husband made me join KhelPlay Rummy. It is my first Rummy website. I am glad I won first prize in Thursday Thunder Tournament. It is an enjoyable & interesting Tournament. Thank you.

nanduramesh (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of sreedhar

Wow! First of all I like to thank KhelPlay Rummy. I won the Smartphone Tournament and I can't explain how much happy I am! So, I will keep playing on KhelPlay Rummy!

krchsreedhar (Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of muthyam

This Smartphone is my first tournament prize, so I am very excited on winning it in the Smartphone tournament. I am feeling awesome, the game was fantastic and I am very happy. Thank u KhelPlay Rummy.

muthyam007 (Cuddalore, Tamilnadu)
rummy testimonial of razak

I am really lucky that I am the winner of a Smartphone on KhelPlay Rummy. The experience of playing in the Smartphone Tournament was awesome. KhelPlay Rummy is a good place for Rummy lovers to play.

Razakrazu (Tumakur, Karnataka)
rummy testimonial of royalfush

This Dussehra became real auspicious finishing at Rank 1 winning Gold Coin in the Malamaal Dussehra Tournament. The challenge, excitement kept doubling at every level of the 25-minutes Tournament. The Gold Coin winning moment was a grand surprise for me, since I am mostly a low wager/free-entry table roller here. uses very fair, random, non-partial system unlike other Rummy sites.

RoYaLfLuSh (Noida, Uttar Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of srinivas

First I need to tell you all, KhelPlay Rummy site is giving good tournaments. I won a gold coin at Malamaal Dussehra Tournament, so many site are there but they not conducting small tournaments with Rs. 20 Buy-In. This is the first time, I won the a gold coin and I will also try winning remaining games, thank you.

Srinivas19 (Secunderabad)
rummy testimonial of omi

As a 1st prize winner of Rs. 1,500 in the Shining Saturday Tournament, I am feeling awesome. The game was fantastic and enjoyable. Khelplayrummy is a nice place to earn online by playing. I recommend everyone to join this site and enjoy the card games.

omi1979 (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of dinu

I am very excited to have won a Silver coin. I started playing rummy on KhelPlay rummy just casually, but lately it’s become a hobby as its giving me good prizes. I am so proud to be a winner. Thank you so much KhelPlay Rummy for providing many offers and conducting many tournaments. I have referred many friends to KhelPlay Rummy as well!

dinu22450 (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of bhadra

I am so excited after winning a Smartphone as the 6th prize in RAINBOW RUMMY TOURNAMENT. I am really feeling amazing, happy to be part of Khelplay Rummy! Really you guys are doing great job, I'll keep playing more games. I am so thankful to KhelPlay Rummy team.

bhadra1987 (Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of akvrv

I am very very happy after winning the Smartphone in Rainbow Rummy Tournament (3rd rank). So far this is the only gift I have won in any rummy site. Thank you for the happiness you gave me through the tournament gift.

akvrv (Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of raj143

I am feeling very happy & excited that I won a Smartphone. My experience has been splendid not just in Rainbow Rummy Tournament but for all Special Tournaments you are conducting since May. I love these special tournaments and I request you to continue these tournaments. KhelPlay Rummy is the only rummy site I play in. This is a genuine site that is very fast in withdrawal and distributing of prizes. Thank you KhelPlay Rummy.

raje143 (Karimnagar, Telangana)
rummy testimonial of bastarrummy

Playing on KhelPlay Rummy is very entertaining and. I play regularly. I am very happy to say I won cash and a Smartphone in Rainbow Rummy Tournament. Thanks KPR.

bastarrummy (Bacheli, Chhattisgarh)
rummy testimonial of varika

The Rainbow Rummy tournament is a very good online tournament. This is much greater than any other Rummy website. As the 5th place winner of the tournament, i feel really wonderful as it was really realistic. KhelPlay Rummy is really good, I have been aligned with other bigger online rummy sites but KhelPlay Rummy is really very easy and wonderful.

varika (Bangalore, Karnataka)
rummy testimonial of varudeepusri

I am very happy and excited that i have got 7th place in Rainbow Rummy tournament and got 4G Smart Phone. I have been playing since 4 years. What a wonderful tourney & getting a Smart phone is just fantastic. All thanks to KhelPlay Rummy. Khelplay Rummy is the best rummy website.

Varudeepusri (Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of silamboli

I am very happy to win Smartphone! So super Rummy site.... I am very very happy... I like KhelPlay Rummy…its real Rummy.

silamboli (Neyveli, Tamil Nadu )
rummy testimonial of vijay basetia

I am feeling great after winning Smart phone in 1st tournament, now I have chance to win more phone in this season. I hope I will win more. Sometimes I feel that this site is meant for me only. This is my 3rd big prize after iPhone and Bangkok Trip.

I am amazed but not surprised now, I can assure to other players that KPR is really a fair gaming portal and like me others also win good prizes in KPR. Thanks for offering such good events.

vijaybasetia (Bangalore, Karnataka)
rummy testimonial of srinivas2712

Hi KhelPlay Rummy team!
I am so excited after winning the 1st prize in SUPER SUMMER TOURNAMENT. I am so thankful to KhelPlay Rummy team. Before also I won Tab in Khelplay Rummy tournament. It is the only site to trust and win prizes

Srinivas2712 (Krishna, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of avi

I have had a great experience with I am a winner at Super summer tournament with 3rd prize Samsung tab

AVI14041989 (Mumbai, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of rahul

Khelplay Rummy is very good website, with helpful customer care. I won 4th prize Watch

rahul19in (Bhiwandi, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of rameshcbe

I am playing with Khelplay Rummy since past two years. I never seen a site like this. First time i won 3G Smartphone in tournament. I recommended this game to my friends. Easy withdrawals also, thanks to Khelplay Rummy Team.

rameshcbe (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of prak2566

I am happy on winning the 2nd Rank in the Mega Mobile Dhamaka Tournament on 16/05/2016

prak2566 (Surat, Gujarat)
rummy testimonial of ashrit

I am really feeling amazing, happy to be part of the khelplay rummy really you guys are doing great job hopefully I'll keep playing games.

ashrit (Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of rummyjqka

I am very thankful to KPR team for their great support and help. This is the only platform that you can trust and win real prizes. I won A Smart phone 3G in Mega Mobile Dhamaka by winning 4th position on 13th May 2016, and it’s very exciting.

rummyjqka (PATHANAMTHITTA, Kerala)
rummy testimonial of krishna

I am excited that I won a Smart phone and eagerly waiting to see which phone I will get. The Mega Mobile Dhamaka tourney is good thinking from Khelplay Rummy team. It would be good if you provide a table immediately when we drop the game while playing the tourney.

krishna225 (Bangalore, Karnataka)
rummy testimonial of vskanth

Hi Khelplay Rummy team, I am very very happy after winning the mobile in tournament. So far this is the only gift I have won in any rummy sites. Thank you for the happiness u gave me through the tournament gift.

vskanth (Musunu, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of rituraj

I have been playing for 3 years, I trust Khelplayrummy with my money. I am a regular depositing player and the withdrawals are processed within 48 hours.

Today First time i won 3G Smartphone in tournament. The best thing about Khelplay Rummy is the Support Team. I am very much impressed with the user interface of this website and Mobile App. I would definitely recommend Khelplay Rummy to my friends and Family.

go2rituraj (Patna, Bihar)
rummy testimonial of ambition

i won a 3G Smartphone in the Mega mobile dhamaka tournament. I am so happy that i won 2nd prize in the tournament. This is very good site to play rummy games! Rummy.

ambition1 (Yavatmal, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of rainish

Hi friends i am Mari , i am playing since last 2 years in KhelPlay Rummy. It's a really good and trusted site to play rummy online. They always have something for everyone. My withdrawal request gets processed within a day and I get my money within two /three working days. They are conducting weekly specials that are very interesting to play and the site card shuffling is the best , it’s not at all luck based. I won the Smartphone , at the Mega Mobile Dhamaka thanks to Khelplay Rummy.

rainish15 (Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of ss787

Hi first time i won Mega Mobile Dhamaka Tournament , I'm feeling so happy that I have won 5th rank. It feels so good. Thanks, KhelPlay Rummy.

ss787 (Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of sundar

I was happy and excited to hear that I won 2nd prize in the Akshaya Tritiya Contest. I always love to play in Khelplay Rummy since I feel this site is better than the other sites.

sundar_chn (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of icentz

it's been amazing as i won a gold coin in Akshaya Tritiya contest. is a very good website for showing ur skills. I have been playing here more than 2 years now. I would definitely recommend this site for Indian rummy players and for those who want to learn how to play rummy.

icentz (Thodupuzha, Kerala)
rummy testimonial of srikanth

I am feeling delighted winning 1st rank in the rummy bonanza tournament. It's always much more easier to play on Khelplay Rummy rather any of the other rummy sites; faster delivery, quick response, quick transaction of money....Thanks to KhelPlay Rummy

jsrikanth (Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of raghava

Since this is my 4th Tournament win in this month, I am very happy. I came in 4th place in Rummy Bonanza Tournament. This is my starting, there are a few bugs in the website but apart from that it is awesome

Raghava7598 (Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of gvelankg

I am very happy on winning 7th place at Rummy Bonanza Tournament. I thank KhelPlay Rummy Customer Support Team in understanding the game. I love playing at Khelplay Rummy!

gvelankg (Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of neeru

I feel good on winning the 12th position in Rummy Bonanza Tournament. The tournament was great. I have been playing here for last 18 months and I feel ‘THIS’ is the site to play rummy because:
1.They have an excellent team.
2.Genuiness in attending customer needs.
3.constant improvisation in all the areas.

Neeru333 (Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of raghukoorcham

!!Double Dhamakka in 2016!!

I won 2 times in KhelPlay Rummy biggest Tournaments. In January, I won 1st Prize in the iPhone 6s Tournament and now won Ugadi Tournament 2nd Prize Rs. 3,910! KhelPlay Rummy increased my income graph. I am very happy. Friends, come on and enjoy life on KhelPlay Rummy!

raghukoorcham (Thrissur, Kerala)
rummy testimonial of saigamya

I'm feeling so happy that I have won 1st Rank in Holi tournament. I have experienced a lot of fun in KhelPlay Rummy. KhelPlay Rummy is good website.

saigamya (Nuzvid, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of sony55

I thank KhelPlay Rummy team for conducting weekly tourneys. I have won KPR cash card worth Rs. 1000 in Wednesday Wonder Tourney. I am feeling very very happy. Thank you KhelPlay Rummy Team.

sony55 (Karimnagar, Telangana)
rummy testimonial of buddy

I won Rs. 5,000/- in Rummy Battle 2 and I am on top of the world. Khelplay Rummy is good because it's impartial and prizes are real!

Buddy (Mapusa, Goa)
rummy testimonial of reddy0454

It feels nice to have won the 2nd Rank in the Wednesday Wonder Tournament. Thanks, KhelPlay Rummy.

reddy0454 (karimnagar, Telangana)
rummy testimonial of rathravi

This is the 3rd time I have won a tournament on KhelPlay Rummy. It feels so good. Thanks, KhelPlay Rummy.

rathravi (Muktsar, Punjab)
rummy testimonial of jigush

I am playing rummy since 2 years but have never won any tournament. This is the first time I have won any tournament! Thank you KhelPlay Rummy for making me a winner.

jigush (Goa)
rummy testimonial of kshukla

Wow, I won Apple Watch in Republic Tournament on KhelPlay Rummy. I don't even know how to use it, but I am so happy that I won it. Feeling very proud. Thank you to KhelPlay Rummy.

kshukla (Patna, Bihar)
rummy testimonial of vedant

I feel awesome after winning the Sankranti & Pongal tournament. I don't even think that I could win this tournament. I have been playing Rummy for more than 2 years. I trust KhelPlay Rummy with my money. Most important for me is my withdrawal request gets processed within a day and I get my money within two working days. I used to play at other sites earlier. My winning streak on KhelPlay Rummy never stops even after withdrawing money.

vedant4592 (BHANDARA, Maharashtra)
rummy testimonial of raghukoorcham

I am very glad to say that I got 1st Prize in KhelPlay Rummy iPhone Tournament and won a new iPhone 6s. It was a great experience for me.

raghukoorcham (Thrissur, Kerala)
rummy testimonial of koti

I learn to play on this site & won 5000 Rs. This is the Best genuine online game site in india . I suggest many more to join KhelPlay Rummy & learn how to play rummy. It's been an awesome experience

koti14317 (Hyderabad, Telangana)
rummy testimonial of geeta77

I have always played low value tables on KhelPlay Rummy. But this time, I played the iPhone Qualifier Tournament, won a Free Entry Ticket to the iPhone 6s Tournament and won 1st Rank & the iPhone 6s! I am very happy!

Geeta77 (New Delhi)
rummy testimonial of sure101

KhelPlay Rummy is a very good website. I played each and every iPhone Tournament on the site this December but finally got lucky in the 7th Tournament dated 19th December wherein I won the iPhone 6s! Thank you, KhelPlay Rummy, for making me a Winner!

Sure101 (Prakasam, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of ramchandra

I played on other rummy sites and every time I was losing my money but Khelplayrummy is different from the other sites. After registration, within a month, my winning chances is very high on Khelplayrummy compared to other sites. I am now winning more and more cash here. The re-buy option is very useful, that's the reason I won the iPhone 6s. I will play only in this site forever also because the regional language support is very good.

ramchandra123 (Anaparthi, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of sami

Wow! it has been amazing feeling as i won Goa trip. I could not believe this winning. belongs to us. thanks to KhelPlay

Sami9346 (Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of vijay basetia

I am still surprised that I won the iPhone Tournament. I never think in my life that one day I will be a Winner. To be frank, I always thought that all the games are fixed and winners are planted from the site and they only win. Now I am clear that there are sites like KhelPlay Rummy who really offer people to play a fair game. Thanks a lot for providing me a stage to win the iPhone 6s.

vijaybasetia (Bangalore, Karnataka)
rummy testimonial of srinivas2712

It's been amazing feeling as I won a "TAB" in the iPhone Tournament. It is very special and awesome Experience. KhelPlay Rummy provides you all the facilities on time and this appears to be the most promising rummy site in the near future, and also thankful to your team for making a wonderful game.

srinivas2712 (Krishna, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of tanashah

I have always been very passionate about cards & rummy. I generally play in many other game sites too but KhelPlay Rummy is a dedicated game site which provides complete satisfaction. I finished the December Delight Tournament at 3rd position winning a Tab. Thank you KhelPlay Rummy for this amazing experience.

tanashah (Gularbhoj, Uttaranchal)
rummy testimonial of ravi goel

KhelPlay Rummy is the most trusted site to play online rummy. I have been playing here . I find it as the most exciting and genuine site to play. You can play all types of games like Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Peaceful Tournament. There are exciting bonuses, which will surprise you. Play Khelplay Rummy and be happy.Thanks to KhelPlay Rummy.

raviiigoell (Hyderabad, Telangana)
rummy testimonial of dejien

I never thought that my love for the game of Rummy will help me win an iPhone. I participated in the iPhone Tournament thinking only about Cash Prizes. But when I was declared a winner of an iPhone 6s, I could not believe it and I literally jumped with joy. Thanks to KhelPlay Rummy, I own an iPhone 6s now."

dejien (Lunglei, Mizoram)
rummy testimonial of yesudas

It is unbelievable but yes, winning an iPhone 6s is like a dream come true. Right now, I am over the moon to be honest. Thanks, KhelPlay Rummy for giving a chance to compete for such fabulous Prizes from time to time. KhelPlay Rummy, is a really trustworthy site and one I love being a part of.

Yesudas (Karaikal, Pondicherry)
rummy testimonial of sherkhan

It's been amazing feeling as I won 6 Grams Gold in the Dussehra Tournament. KhelPlay Rummy is a good site to show your Rummy skills. I enhanced my rummy skills by competing with good players in this site. Among the various rummy sites, I like KhelPlay Rummy the most. KhelPlay Rummy customer care support is fantastic, very quick and reliable. Moreover, it's a genuine Indian site to play. Designing of the Rummy tables was fantastic and user friendly. Thanks to the KhelPlay Rummy team for making my life exciting and fun.

sherkhan (Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of abdul

Heartiest thanks to KhelPlay Rummy. It's been from 1year, I am playing on KhelPlay Rummy and I love playing here. It is very special and awesome Experience to me that I have Won 4 grams of gold in Dussehra Gold tournament and stood in 2nd place. KhelPlay Rummy is great way for me to earn money. I referred to so many friends to play this game. Really worthful. Very genuine Rummy website.

abdul667 (Vijayawada , Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of Sp24365

" I am a Spinal Cord Patient so unable to do any other work, I am always on the bed. But earning money now because of . This is a very Genuine Site. I am very happy with I also won a dell tab recently. So, thanks to "

Sp24365 (kalluru, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of premadeva

I won Rank 2 in the Navartri Nostalgia Tournament on 16th Oct at 10.00 PM , Prize 1 Titan Watch. I thank you very much for your support Team.

premadeva (Bangalore, Karnataka)
rummy testimonial of rk1967

One & Only Best site:

RK1967 (Hyderabad, Telangana)
rummy testimonial of keshav

It's been amazing as I won Rs. 750 in the Anniversary Gold Tournament. is good site to show your skills. Their customer care support is fantastic, very quick and reliable. Moreover, it's a genuine site to play. Thanks to the Khelplayrummey team for making my life exciting and fun

keshavogrey (Korba, Chhattisgarh)
rummy testimonial of raj

I was very happy to get 10th rank in Rummy Day tournament. Its a wonderful experience to me. Really I like very much your rummy site comparing to other sites.

RAJ8263 (MANCHERIAL, Andhra Pradesh)
rummy testimonial of prakash

I am happy to win Rakshabandhan tournament. KhelPlay Rummy is awesome. I am happy today to win gold coins.

prakashe2005 (Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu)
rummy testimonial of vamshi

I am so happy that I won a prize in a tournament and also thankful to your team for making a wonderful game.

vamshi89 (Hyderabad , Telangana)
rummy testimonial of sunil

The site Khelplay Rummy is such an amazing site. Here I enjoy the real ecstasy of playing and I am thankful to the entire team.

sunil1971 (Thrissur, Kerala)
rummy testimonial of arijit

I am playing here from long time. KhelPlay Rummy is very good online rummy website. Played Real cash and won, and withdraw amount transfer within 2-3 days. Love you KhelPlay Rummy. I think in your site arrange most tournament for cash player, that's good for cash players and that was most attraction for cash player.

arijit794 (TARAKESWAR, West Bengal)
rummy testimonial of chama

I Won 1st place in KPR Cash Card Tournaments. This is very good tournament. KhelPlay Rummy is a very good site to play rummy games and make new friends. The customer support team is very helpful to everyone. I am very much impressed with the website, especially the way rummy tables are arranged.

chama90 (Jaipur, Rajasthan)
rummy testimonial

Playing on KhelPlay Rummy site is awesome. Like other rummy sites, here there are no dummy players who play in the tournaments, and also the online support is very good. Great site to play rummy. Long Live KhelPlay Rummy!

PERY27 (Canacona, Goa)

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