How to Play Rummy Game Video

Here is an easy to understand video on how to play 13 Cards Rummy. This video is a demo of a 13 Cards Game Online and has been made from player point of view. The demo begins from a player (supposedly you) joining a table followed by doling out of the cards to playing a turn of the game. Watch it to understand the essence to Play 13 Cards Rummy game.

This short demo introduces you on how to use the available online tool of the 13 Cards Rummy to Play 13 Cards Rummy online on KhelPlay Rummy. The demo shows how you can pick a card from the face down deck as well as picking up of a card from the face up deck of discarded cards when you Play 13 Cards Rummy Online on KhelPlay Rummy. Please do note that the same process applies for 21 Cards Rummy or any other rummy games played online at KhelPlay Rummy.

Here is a little video on how to use the available tool on KhelPlay Rummy when you Play 13 Cards Rummy online on the website. This demo shows how you can discard a card using the discard button during your turn at a 13 Cards Rummy game. It should be noted that discarding process remains the same for 21 Cards Rummy or any other rummy game or tournament played at KhelPlay Rummy.

One of the common reasons for a wrong show has been non-grouped or improperly grouped cards. Also losing of more points than anticipated is attributable to improperly grouped cards before declaring. Here this demo will show you how to group cards using the available tool, namely 'group' button. The demo also shows you how you can add a card to the group. The process of grouping of cards remains same for both 13 Cards Rummy and 21 Cards Rummy played at KhelPlay Rummy.

Calling for Show has its little ritual that needs to be perfected. This demo on 'How to Show?' is all about how to call a show using the two available processes at KhelPlay Rummy. While one of the method is using the Show button, the other is the drag and drop method. After having done that, there is a process of confirming that you called a show which the player has to follow and this has been shown in the video.

To make a valid show, the sets and sequences grouped by you before you declare needs to be valid. This little demo by KhelPlay Rummy takes you through the drill of the same using 13 Cards Rummy game for the demo. The demo shows how you need to ensure that all sequences and sets are grouped and valid; if not grouped properly, you need to first group them properly before you call a show.

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