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Indian Rummy Card Game

One of the most popular card game played all across the country is Indian Rummy. The history of the origin of Indian Rummy which is played in India has been lost in the mist of time. However the rummy played in India has probably evolved from a version of Rummy played in South Asia which is known by the name of Rhuk or Celebes Rummy.

genuine platform for indian rummy players

Genuine Platform for Indian Rummy Players

Locally referred as ‘Paplu,’ the Indian Rummy can be said to be largely inspired from Gin Rummy & Rummy 500 and is as much fun to Play Indian Rummy as it is to play their Western cousins. There are two popular versions of India Rummy games played across India, 13 Cards Rummy & 21 Cards Rummy. And, as the names suggest, 13 Cards Rummy and 21 Cards Rummy, the two versions are so named because of the number of cards being dealt to each player at the start if the game. These two versions are traditionally played in homes among family members on festive occasion as well as people play Indian Rummy in friendly get-togethers like kitty parties, marriages and of course in clubs and card rooms across India and not to forget, it is even played in Indian Railways.

Legality of Indian Rummy Online

Rummy being acknowledge by the courts in India as a legal game it has been legally allowed to play in clubs across the country. 13 Cards Rummy & 21 Cards Rummy are the two versions that attract people to Play Indian Rummy. Similarly people Play Indian Rummy in legally established card rooms in major cities and towns across India. It is also legal to play Indian Rummy across India except for the state of Assam and Odhissa.

legality of rummy in india

Indian Rummy – A Skill Game

Enthusiasm towards the game has been the core reason for Indian Rummy Online gaining popularity. The other reason for Indian Rummy online gaining an edge over other card games is its ability to let people from the remotest corner of the country play a game of Indian Rummy Online.

The ease of playing a game of rummy across the web with another rummy enthusiast is a phenomenal ability which attracts people to Play Rummy Online. Also hassle-free online payment with an online support and call support being made available in this age has given Indian Rummy Online an edge over other online games.

rummy is a skill game