2015 Cashback offer

2015-Cashback-Offer-KhelPlayRummyStart the year on a good note

It’s a brand new year and KhelPlayRummy has got a brand new offer that is unique in its own good way and definitely the kind they have never given before. All of this is because we at KhelPlayRummy are celebrating the new dawn of year 2015 with gusto and we wish you to be part of the same. So start on the new year on this good note and make the rest of the year worthwhile.

The unique offer

We at KhelPlayRummy are offering you a cash back of Rs.100 on your wagers of the day. But what makes this offer unique is the amount of the wager – Rs.2015. Yes! Not a rounded figure, but a Rs.2015, the figure represents the current new year.

Players need to wager for Rs.2015 or more on a day to avail of Rs.100 as cash back. Players can do so by wagering for any cash rummy game they like. The cash back of Rs.100 will reflect in their cash account on the following day. The day as mentioned in this offer is considered between 00.00 hrs to 23.59 hrs.

Can make a cash back of upto Rs.3100

This offer is valid throughout  January 2015, so players can achieve the wagering target of the offer every day and get the cool Rs.100 cash back. A player wagering for the targeted Rs.2015 wager everyday can cooly earn Rs.3100 by the end of the month.

Well, offers like these are not an everyday thing, so login now and take this opportunity and make the cool Rs.100 a day.

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