4 Common, Weird Issues Experienced By Rummy Players

4 Common, Weird Issues Experienced By Rummy Players

The fun and excitement that come along with playing rummy is quite like none other. Be it online or off, rummy is always an engaging activity that keeps your mind running and active. However, many a time you do come across weird incidences that might prove to be quite disappointing or disheartening. If you’ve played rummy on a regular basis, more often than not you must have encountered one or more of such weird instances that leave you wondering, ‘What just happened!’ Or, there may be problems faced because of an opponent that could push your patience off the cliff. Enlisted here are a few such weird instances that are common phenomena in the world of rummy:

The opponent who has all the time in the world

Rummy is a game that has no time limit per se. Rummy players can take their time to play their turn. But, this can turn out to be a nuisance if one of your rummy opponents takes exceptionally long to finish. Whether it is to discard a card, decide on whether they wish to go with the card they have picked up from the deck, or if they need to draw; every single move becomes a decision of a lifetime for this opponent. In such a scenario, you and the other rummy players can be rendered bored and exhausted while waiting for your turns, and there’s a good chance you all might lose interest in the game.

Giving away the card you need

While it is nice that everyone takes a reasonable amount of time to play their turn, there could be instances where you hurriedly get rid of the card that you actually could use in one of your sequences. Now, this could be due to either lack of concentration or more likely out of excitement that you are close to completing your set. To avoid this blunder, it is advisable that right from the get go, you arrange the cards in the hand in a logical order or in a way that makes it easy for you to plan out your moves.

Leaping before looking

This is another case of carelessness that stems from a rush of emotions. The excitement of having completed a sequence and that you’re ready to make a declaration can make you lose your senses and end up declaring without taking a final look through all the cards you have. Many a time, it so happens that your ‘sequence’ may not be so ‘sequential’ after all. You may have lost focus momentarily and clubbed a wrong card in a set or missed to take note of a card that is actually a misfit in a sequence. If the error is pointed out after you’ve made the declaration, you end up losing a lot!

None or more Jokers

The Joker plays the most significant role in a game of 13 card rummy. It might not be wrong to say that this card is more favored than even the high-value face cards, like King and Queen. After being dealt your cards, it is quite likely that you first look for the Joker or the wild card in your hand, which helps a lot in planning your sequences and sets. Similarly, having more Jokers and wild cards than needed is also not good as there has to be one pure sequence in the hand. This means, if you are holding many Jokers and wild cards, you will need to get rid of the extras. With this, you risk granting your opponents a chance to complete a set. None or more; Jokers can make or break a rummy game.

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