4 Things you need to know about AutoPlay Feature

autoplay featureOften times a game of rummy gets interrupted because of factors that may not be entirely within someone’s control. While playing rummy on their mobiles some may be in need of a break in order to be able to attend to a certain urgent task; there’ll be Players required to move away from their desktop machines for a brief period while playing a game of rummy. And still others may be bothered by connectivity issues because of the unstable network on which they operate. But Rummy Players needn’t worry as there is an AutoPlay option that they can avail so that the game remains unaffected in any way because of brief absence of Players from the game table.

The AutoPlay feature at KhelPlay Rummy is something that kick-starts by itself whenever it has been determined that the Player is not active on the game table or when the game is disrupted by a connection issue.

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Read on to find some interesting things about the AutoPlay feature:

If you become inactive after your 1st turn

In this case, the autoplay feature would get activated when Player fails to make a move within the allotted time assigned to him/her. The AutoPlay Feature will play a maximum of 20 turns on behalf of the Player. Each turn would simply involve drawing a card and discarding the same card.

If you get disconnected before your 1st turn

You will be given an additional 45 seconds apart from the initial time given to you. If the disconnection issue persists, then the Player will get auto dropped and he may incur 20/25/30 points depending upon the type of game being played.

If you get disconnected after forming Sequences and Sets

If a Player has already formed certain Sequences and Sets before getting disconnected the AutoPlay feature takes over and only the remaining ungrouped cards would accrue him/her points in case the opponent declares show  AutoPlay feature will draw and discard the same card on every turn so that you do not lose any advantage that you had gained prior to getting disconnected.

If you get disconnected at any time during rummy game

If Player gets disconnected at any point during a game, he will be given an extra 45 seconds. If he still isn’t able to rejoin the game, the autoplay mode will get activated which would start playing on Player’s behalf.

Rummy Players can rest assured that in the AutoPlay mode the system discards the same card that it picked, thereby ensuring that your cards remain intact. On resuming from AutoPlay mode, it would almost feel like starting over from where you left off. Now you can enjoy your online rummy game with complete peace of mind by making optimum use of the AutoPlay feature!

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