5 New KhelPlay Rummy Features


A big reason why rummy is one of the best online game and entertaining pastime is because of the variety of features and benefits that it provides, esp. the chance of winning real cash. At first, it was the offline rummy since centuries that ruled our hearts, then came the online rummy in the last couple of decades, and is now ruling our hearts (along with spades, clubs, and diamonds. Haha).

But even online rummy has a lot of scope to grow, to reinvent itself with new features, and we, at KhelPlay Rummy, constantly strive to do just that. In the last few months, we have introduced quite a few new features since our last blog on this topic. Following are 5 of our new features you should know about:

  1. UPI Withdrawals

Previously, you could withdraw your winnings only via Bank Transfer. But now, we have introduced the UPI Withdrawal (Unified Payments Interface) feature too. You just have to add your UPI ID linked to the bank account that is connected to your KhelPlay Rummy account. Voila, as you put in your withdrawal request, you will get the requested amount from your winnings to your Bank account.

  1. 24 x 7 Instant Withdrawals

We had already started with Instant Withdrawals feature. But what’s new this time around, is that you can now withdraw your winnings at any time of the day and week. Yes! It is 24×7 Instant UPI Withdrawal service now. Getting your cash was never this easy!

  1. OTP based Login

You must have already noticed the change in the Login section of website/app. Well, we thought why to make you remember your KhelPlay Rummy password always? Hence we came up with – OTP-based login feature. You can now register and also login using an OTP (One Time Password). The 4 options to login are: Mobile number, Email account, Facebook account, and Google/Apple account.

  1. Favourite your games

Have you noticed some difference when you entered your game lobby to select the type of game to play? When you click on ‘View Tables’, on the left hand side, there is a heart-shaped grey icon besides every game table. If that particular game table is your favourite one, then just tap on the icon, a pop-up window will appear that will prompt you to add that table to your favourites, then the icon will turn red. Next time you come to that window, your favourite table will be easier to locate.

  1. Inbound calling service

We already had our customer service contacts of email, chat, etc. But, now we also have begun with an inbound calling service where you can feel free to call us with your queries, suggestions, etc. Here’s the contact number: 022-48910055. You can call on this number at any time between 10 am to 7 pm, on all 7 days of the week.

Hope you try out and really like them. We will continue with our efforts to provide you the best ever rummy services and a wholesome rummy gaming experience. If you haven’t registered on KhelPlay Rummy yet, then why to wait? Download our app, sign up, and start playing rummy!

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