7 Reasons to choose Online Rummy

reasons to choose online rummy

People across the world have always enjoyed Rummy as a great pastime activity in the company of friends and family members. However, in the age of the internet, playing Rummy with a physical pack of cards is no longer a fad. What online rummy sites have done is that they have thrown open an entire new avenue for Rummy enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite game in its modern digital version. With the conveniences of instant connectivity in the age of ever-increasing internet speeds and round-the-clock support offered by robust online playing sites such as KhelPlay Rummy, online rummy players have never had it better.

If you are still contemplating on whether to make the shift to the online platform to enjoy your favorite game, we offer you certain compelling reasons for doing the same.

It’s Easy & Quick

It is easy to get started on an online Rummy site such as KhelPlayrummy.com. Registrations happen in a jiffy and users can join Rummy tables and start playing instantaneously!

Play Anywhere

Almost all major Online Rummy websites have launched mobile versions of the online rummy game which can be played with ease on their Smartphones while also allowing players to seamlessly shift to their desktops and laptops!

Play Free or for Cash

Rummy Players can play 13 Cards Indian Rummy or 21 Cards Indian Rummy in various game formats. Moreover, they also have the option to play for free or for Cash. While first-time users are advised to gain some practice before diving straight into Cash Games, there is no harm in straightaway trying your luck if you are confident enough of your chances of succeeding!

Hassle-free Deposits & Withdrawal

It’s easy to make Deposits and Withdraw on online Rummy sites. Players have the option to choose from among several payment modes like Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, Cash Cards and Wire Transfer among others. Withdrawal requests are also processed immediately and credited directly to player’s Account.

Prizes & Incentives on Offer

Most Online Rummy sites offer its players a Welcome Bonus on depositing for the first time. Moreover, players can also avail Repeat Deposit Bonus and Cashback Offers on sustained play. The Tournaments that are conducted regularly offer users the opportunity to win exciting Prizes such as Smartphones, Gold Pendants and Cash Prizes among others!

Round-the-Clock Support

Whenever you find yourself stuck somewhere while playing online rummy, either because of lack of understanding of the rules or any other issue, you can always count on the expert support staff to resolve all your queries in an end-to-end fashion.

Loyalty Pays

Online Rummy sites like Khelplayrummy.com run Loyalty Programs where players are rewarded for playing often at their website. Players are categorized under various Club categories depending on the loyalty points they accrue which can be redeemed for cash and other exciting merchandise!

While all of the points enumerated above would make you want to try online rummy, users are advised to carefully study the rules of playing rummy online before diving in to play.

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