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play rummy on mobile and tabletPlaying the Rummy card game can be a most rewarding pastime activity for anybody. Most of us in India are quite used to playing this game on an almost daily basis. The Mobile Phone is something we can hardly do without even for a single second during the course of our daily routine. Most people find themselves handling calls or messages on Whatsapp, watching movies and listening to songs on their Smart phones during most parts of the day. Putting some time aside for pursuing your classic rummy passion on your mobile phones then does make sense given that it actually pays big-time!

Monthly Prize giveaways at most rummy portals run into several lacs of rupees, thereby making online rummy a most rewarding activity. With the convenience of mobile apps, Players can enjoy the rummy card game anywhere and anytime. Playing online Rummy is a fun way to pass time at home when you got nothing else to do or when you are on a long-haul train/bus/car journey. Even if you are hard-pressed for time, you can still take time out from your busy routine to indulge in an exciting game of rummy. Listed below are certain scenarios where Players can enjoy a rummy card game on their mobile phones.

Waiting at the Bus Stop or Train Station  

On an average, any individual spends up to one hour daily travelling. And this doesn’t account for the time spent waiting for a bus or a train. Train and bus delays are common occurrences in most cities and towns in India. Now people have the opportunity to put this time to good use by playing online rummy card game on their mobile phones. With different variants of games such as Pool, Deal and Points that can be enjoyed with a few clicks, it is the best way to put precious time spent waiting for buses or trains to good use. Who knows, you could end up being the next winner of the Daily Freeroll Tournament!

In the Park

A Park or a Garden is a place we visit often to relax and be in touch with nature. Even a few minutes spent in a garden will leave your minds refreshed, ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead. With an increased ability to focus and concentrate, there is a greater likelihood of winning in an online rummy card game on your mobile phones!

Stuck in a Traffic Jam

There may be occasions when your bus or car gets stuck in a traffic jam for several hours altogether. While this can leave many frustrated, the best way to ensure that this time doesn’t go waste is by playing a game of online rummy on your mobile phones and earning some cash!

After a heavy Workout Session

A heavy Workout session in a Gym or a long Jog/Swim can leave most people tired and without energy to do anything more. In the immediate aftermath of a vigorous session, most people will want to do nothing more other than relax on their couch or lie down on the floor. As one attempts to get back to their normal routine, it would be a good idea to play a game of rummy. Apart from helping you exercise your brains, Players can also hope to win some cash.

At the Roadside Tea-stall    

What better time to play a thrilling game of online rummy than when sipping a piping cup of hot tea at the roadside tea-stall! Mind is at its refreshing best during such times, allowing for maximum focus which is vital for anybody looking to win in any game.

Queuing for Tickets

We are all used to waiting in queues for all kinds of tickets in India – Bus Ticket, Movie Ticket, Train Ticket, you name it. Waiting in long Queues doesn’t sound like a fancy prospect by any means. But if there’s an exciting game of online rummy to give you company then not many would mind the wait. Would you?

On Vacation 

Online Rummy is the best pastime activity that one can possibly indulge in while on vacation. Surely, you might have other exciting things lined up in your list of to-do things. But who can resist the urge to log onto mobile rummy app and enjoy a thrilling game of rummy while also earning cash at the same time!

Rummy continues to be the favorite pastime activity of Indians during times of social gatherings and festive occasions. However, now it enjoys more popularity in its modern digital form – Online Rummy. The convenience afforded by smart phones is unparalleled as it allows you to enjoy gaming action while on the move. The best thing about online Rummy is that Players do not necessarily need fast internet connection to enjoy the game. A reliable network connection is all that is required by Players to enjoy thrilling Rummy action on their Mobile Phones.

Hurry! Download the Rummy Mobile App now to enjoy Rummy on your mobile.         

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