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Cash Card Tournament


While there are a couple of free tournaments for non-depositing players, here is something free for regular depositing players. KPR Cash-Card tournament.

With this Anniversary Celebration, KhelPlay Rummy has introduced one more daily tournament, the KPR Cash Card Tournament. The tournament will be free tournament, which means there will be no entry fee, but this tournament is exclusively for depositing players. The criteria for the depositing players is that players should should have deposited at the least Rs.200 in the last 7 days to be eligible to play for the tournament.

The tournament carries a total prize of Rs.350 in KhelPlay Rummy Cash Card. The KhelPlay Rummy cash card are a form of pre-paid cash cards, much like the bank cash cards and a player can redeem the cash credit on these cards by simply entering the details of cash card and amount they wish to deposit.
The tournament will be level based tournament and winners would be declared at the end of the final round. The prize would be distributed among the winners as per their ranks.

KhelPlay Rummy will have two KPR Cash Card Tournament daily and they will be scheduled at 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm. Registration for the tournament will begin 24 hrs in advance and besides ensuring that they have made a deposit of minimum Rs.200 in the last 7-days, players will also need to ensure that their mobile number and email is verified – players whose mobile and email is not verified would not be able to register for the tournament. Also players need to register in advance as only 36 players can register and play for each tournament.

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