Nizam – e – Rummy – An Event by KhelPlayRummy in Hyderabad

Ever played Rummy in a Royal Delight?

KhelPlay Rummy on 9th September 2016 sponsored a Rummy Tournament and Dinner at the prestigious Nizam club of Hyderabad.

Khelplay Rummy Hyderabad Rummy Tournament

The Full house event saw participants of all age groups, playing different variants of the rummy card game amidst the wonderful Soiree of Mughal Architecture.

Players indulged in three rounds of the game played with special KhelPlay Rummy playing cards and only intervened for piping hot Hyderabadi food and other delicacies for the participants. Once the games were over, a Quiz followed with a Prize distribution ceremony where players took home a range of prizes.


Our volunteers helped players understanding the rummy game, how rummy can be played using our Mobile App, and how we are breaking boundaries with help of digital technology.


Summarizing, the event Pradeep Jain Head of Operations of KhelPlay Rummy said: ‘We wanted to make people know the rummy card game and how easily this game can be played from home, office and even while you are traveling. This special event, was our token of appreciation to the original way the game was played’. We chose the Nizam’s city to rekindle it in the right spirit, and also tell the attendees, how the game has developed today.’

To become the best rummy site, we intend to bring you many such events because such events brings us closer to you and help us improve. Trust us, we will do everything to offer you a great rummy experience.

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