Choose the Correct Rummy Variant Based On Your Personality

Choose the Correct Rummy Variant Based On Your Personality


Your personality traits plays a crucial role in deciding your likes and dislikes. So why not even when choosing a rummy card game variant? Yes, variants of rummy are best enjoyed by certain personalities more than the rest.

Let together check which online rummy game suits best with which type of personality:

  1. Introvert, Calm, and Quite Person

Introverts who love to stay calm and quite generally choose to enjoy the simplicities of life. When enjoying rummy too, they seemingly like the simplest form of rummy, which is 13 card rummy. Such personalities go for 101 or 201 pool rummy.

  1. Patient and Logical Person

Those who identify themselves as patient and logical can enjoy all the rummy variants. Be it 21 card rummy and 13 card rummy, they will take thrill in any variant provided they have logical thinking to do.

  1. Aggressive, Dynamic, and Quick Decision Making Person

If fast-paced games pump you up, then you fall under this category. Such personalities like to play points rummy, wherein each game is individual and hence fast paced.

We hope you have identified yourself as one of the above and agree with our list. Please do let us know your personality and preferred rummy variants in the comments section.

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