Holi Special & March Promotions in KhelPlay Rummy

Holi Special and March Promotion

Did you know? One of the reasons why our ‘KhelPlayers’ like to Play Rummy every day on our Khel Play Rummy platform; is, the various Offers and promotions we give them on a daily basis. This keeps everyone hooked on to the game as it’s a win-win situation for all. Even the month of March will not be different. In fact, the best thing will be to stay at home & play online rummy in your own rummy time, because who would like to venture out in the raging hot sun of the summer months, right? So, here’s all the promotions/offers you can avail of in the month of March 2022:

The one special and exclusive offer for the Holi festival is: Make a deposit and get a big 25% Instant Cash up to Rs. 1,000*! This offer is valid from 11 am to 8 pm on 18th March 2022. Use the code: HOLI1000 on the deposit page. Avail this and play a lot of online rummy game, after your morning colourful Holi celebrations of course. The below offers are not limited only to the Holi day, but on other days also:

Super Cash Offer

The offer is simple and straightforward. It is valid from 15th to 21st March 2022. In this time period, if you do wagering of Rs. 30 lakhs, you will get a flat Rs. 75,000 as Withdrawable Cash! Isn’t it awesome? Ye hai ek bada bahana, aapko roz rummy khelne ka!

Twice as Nice Offer

Time to see the A-2-3 cards more often, keep aside other card games and purely play Indian Rummy because you will be getting cashback on rake in this offer. Our silver and gold club players will get 10% unlimited Instant cashback on rake as they play online rummy cash games from 1st to 21st March 2022. Our diamond and platinum club players will be getting 15% withdrawable cashback on rake when they wager Rs. 5 lakhs or more by playing rummy online from 15th to 21st March 2022.

You can even avail Bonus in this offer. Our players got a 25% Bonus up to Rs. 2,000 on 15th to 18th March. Likewise, they will be getting a surprise bonus from 19th to 21st March.

Big Win Carnival

This is the biggest offer from KhelPlay Rummy for March, and it is valid for the whole month of March, all 31 days. As you play the online rummy game, wager over Rs. 1 crore and until Rs. 1.5 crore and you will get a brand new Apple iPhone 13 (128 GB). Go beyond Rs. 1.5 crore until Rs. 2 crores, and you will win an Apple MacBook Pro. That is not all, wager more than Rs. 2 crores and you will be the owner of an awesome Yezdi bike that is worth Rs. 2.05 lakhs! Do you want more excuses not to play rummy game now?

Depositor’s Delight Tournaments

No promotion or offer is complete without the presence of any tournament. We run 2 tournaments daily, one at 12 noon and one at 7 pm. In the 1st tourney, the total prize money is Rs. 10,000* and to participate, you need to do a deposit in the last 24 hours. The total prize in the 2nd tourney is Rs. 12,000* and you can join in with a mere Rs. 5.

We run another tourney at 2 pm every Wednesday and Friday in which the total prize money is Rs. 50,000*! To join, you need to deposit Rs. 500 or more in the last 48 hours. Besides these, we also have a tourney on every Sunday at 5 pm whose total prize win is Rs. 1,00,000*! Phew, we haven’t even mentioned many other tournaments that are running simultaneously for you all. Do check our Promotion page.

We bet you might be thinking these are really lucrative and crazy deals that you shouldn’t miss at all. So, if you are already a registered player, duly take total advantage of all these promotions and win lots of cash prizes for yourself. And, if you still aren’t a ‘KhelPlayer’, then without any delay, download our app, make your account, do the 1st Deposit to avail a mind boggling 200% Welcome Bonus up to ₹1 lakh* and start playing rummy games online with Khel Play Rummy.

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