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Indian Rummy Game is a widely popular version of the card game rummy, evident by the huge number of players playing Indian rummy online. The game is not just based on the original form of rummy but also is almost identical in gameplay.

The game uses 1 deck of 52 cards for 2 players and 2 decks of 52 cards for 6 players. The only major difference from the original game of rummy is that the Indian Rummy game is played with 13 cards in hand at a time. Out of which the players make groups and melds in the form of sets and sequences. The other Indian rummy rules include players when dealt with 13 cards with each passing round having to draw a card and discard one. This ensures that the number of cards remains the same with each player after every turn, while also allowing them to shuffle, arrange and rearrange their hands.

It is a basic requirement of the game, that a player must form a minimum of 2 sets. But any number of sets of 3 cards, 4 cards or above can be made. Another criterion is such that a player must make at least 1 pure set i.e. a combination of sequential cards of the same suit of cards. Any player from the active rummy table who can fulfil these listed conditions first becomes the winner of that round/game.

Indian Rummy game is a faster moving game in comparison with the standard game of rummy. As Indian rummy has only 13 cards per player to meld into sets and sequences. Thus, it is very much appreciated and played in the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most played card games in India too. Millions of players play Indian rummy online games daily on various rummy portals like KhelPlay Rummy.

Indian Rummy card game is loved by every Indian. The game which once could only be played with people only in close physical proximity is now available to millions of players nationwide thanks to high-speed internet and powerful mobile devices. And the popularity of Indian poker rummy has only increased. Seeing this need for quality portals where rummy enthusiasts could play Indian rummy online, KhelPlay Rummy has strived to build and deliver a robust app and platform, very carefully catering to the needs of Indian rummy enthusiasts and focused on delivering quality online rummy experience. This makes KhelPlay Rummy the perfect place to play Indian Rummy online games and due to the player centric approach that KhelPlay Rummy takes, makes it way better than several other online rummy sites. KhelPlay Rummy offers an easy-to-use UI which makes it very easy for any new user to immediately start playing for real cash and win big bonuses on a very robust and secure online platform.

Owing to the rise in the popularity of Indian poker rummy, KhelPlay Rummy has always strived to be the best portal for playing Indian Rummy games online. Its wide user base is a testament to the fact the KhelPlay Rummy always puts its player experience first above everything else.

The KhelPlay Rummy app is downloadable for new as well as existing users on their Android and IOS devices for FREE. The existing users will have to feed in their credentials used at the time of registering and the new users will have to register. Getting started with playing your favourite free Indian rummy games online is as easy as downloading the KhelPlay Rummy mobile app.

The KhelPlay Rummy App enables you to satisfy your love for playing Indian rummy online at any place and at any time with players all over India within a few clicks on your Android & IOS devices!

Here’s why you should download the KhelPlay Rummy App to play Indian rummy online:

  • Highly navigable interface to enjoy playing online Indian rummy
  • High-level of safety features for guaranteed security
  • Fast and easy facility for withdrawal and deposits
  • Play free online Indian Rummy games to win real cash
  • You can switch smoothly & easily between desktop & mobile devices
  • Play your favourite version of Indian Rummy online - 10 Cards, 13 Cards, 21 Cards, 27 Cards, Pool, Points & Deals Rummy
  • KhelPlay Rummy rewards you with a Minimum of 150% Welcome Bonus which will get you started to win big with Indian rummy. Download the free app now to get started.

Depositing Cash: After clicking the Add Cash option on, the user will be sent to the payment page, where various flexible payment options ranging from Net Banking up to Mobile Wallets are available. Then fill the Deposit amount with any applicable Bonus Code. After this, click the Add Cash button to get redirected to the Secure Payment Gateway. Players can be rest ensured that the confidential data that they share on KhelPlay Rummy website is not submitted to any third party. That’s it! It is so easy to deposit cash and start playing free Indian rummy on KhelPlay Rummy.

Withdrawing Cash: You can easily withdraw cash between the range of 200 – 10,000 Rupees at once. The withdrawal can be done via direct account transfer or cheque transfer with minimum fees, and the first two withdrawals are free. Before the withdrawal, there will be a document verification process which you can learn about from the withdrawal tab.

Playing Indian Rummy Online is completely legal in India!

As per the Supreme Court’s verdict, rummy enthusiasts can play rummy online all over India (except for the states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana). The Indian Courts have declared Rummy as a game of skill. Betting on a game is also regarded as legal under the same law.

So, neglect all that gossip that discourages you from experiencing a quality game of online Indian rummy. Download the free rummy app from KhelPlay Rummy; nothing should discourage you from playing a good game of online Indian Rummy. Free games with a huge player base and big cash rewards is what KhelPlay Rummy offers its players throughout India. Register now and enjoy a whole new experience by competing in online rummy games at KhelPlay Rummy!

(Users accessing the site from the Indian states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, and Telangana are not entertained by for the legal reasons. We do not entertain people from these regions accessing the sites or wagering on the game. Users detected by the system accessing the website from these states or any other region where there is an issue regarding playing real rummy online, their accounts will stand suspended or cancelled.)

As a part of providing the best Indian rummy game experience, we take our players’ questions, doubts very earnestly. For any inquiries or recommendations, regarding our Khelplay Rummy website or the Khelplay Rummy app, you are always welcomed to contact us at

You can also chat with our experts using the chat-box below. Our customer support officers will solve all your inquiries associated with the Indian rummy’s rules, banking, website, terms and conditions attached to the game, deposits, withdrawals and more.

Our online assistance is open during these times: Monday-Saturdays 9.00 am to 11.00 pm & Sundays from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm.

So, what are you waiting for? Register right away and treat yourself to a free game of Indian rummy. Download the free app now and start winning big with KhelPlay Rummy.

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