Hurray! Time to Spend Sticky Monsoon Indoors with Rummy Online

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Are you disappointed that the rains will ruin the whole fun and you will be forced to stay indoors? Not anymore! Thanks to Khelplay Rummy’s exciting monsoon rummy tournaments, even the rains can become fun indoors with just a wifi connection. Here are some interesting ways to make the best of the time available to you indoors with your mobile phone or favorite tablet:

Join Cash Rummy Tournaments on Khelplay Rummy

If you are an avid rummy player looking out for some challenging matches and tournaments online, Khelplay Rummy is the right place for you. The site has a tournament for every occasion. You may be a lucky winner to bag cash prizes or even gadgets. The prize for each tournament varies. 

If you are interested in joining the latest rummy tournament at Khelplay Rummy, all you need to do is create a cash account. This will help you get real chips which you can use to play rummy tourneys of the season. 

Get Bonus Points as You Invite Friends to Khelplay Rummy

Most rummy players are always seeking ways to enjoy a game of rummy online or offline. The game gets even more enjoyable when played with friends or family. Now, enjoy double benefit as you invite friends to play rummy online with you. The site offers bonus points to players each time a friend accepts your request to join Khelplay Rummy app. 

You can pass time while travelling by playing rummy with friends. There are many variations of rummy online on this website and you can try playing each variation with friends. If you have just a couple of minutes to spare, you can choose points rummy but if you have ample time, you can choose Deals Rummy.

Watch Rummy Videos to Learn New Tricks and Tactics

The beauty of rummy card game is that it is easy to understand and grasp. Yet, the game requires certain skills such as organizing skills. A person who has a mind with order and method does well in this game. A good player knows the significance of being organized to win this game. Here are some simple tricks and tactics that most good rummy players observe:

  • They always arrange the cards in a peculiar order with the cards to be disposed at one end and the jokers to the other end. In the middle, they have the ready sequences to one end and incomplete sequences and then incomplete sets to the other end before the jokers.
  • The good players observe the opponent moves keenly and try to find out what each move means. For example, if the opponent disposes a K of hearts, it can be easily assumed that he is not making a sequence of A, K and Q of hearts.
  • Similarly, if the opponent disposes a joker card, it can be assumed that he has so many jokers that he is having difficulty making a pure sequence.
  • If the opponent disposes a low point card, you can assume that his hand is close to completion. This is the time when you need to reassess your plans and see whether you should continue playing or rather drop your hand.
  • A good player’s first focus will always be on completing life. The life is different is every variation of rummy card game. While for 10 cards rummy, life is complete if you complete the pure sequence; in 13 cards rummy game and 21 cards rummy, you need to make a pure sequence and a real sequence to complete life.
  • Once the life is formed, an ace player will work to reduce points in his hand.

There are countless rummy tutorials online that guide you through these tricks and tactics. Watch videos and get a hang of the right way to play rummy online.

Practice Rummy Online with Practice Chips on Khelplay Rummy

Before you venture to play those tournaments online with friends, you must sharpen your rummy playing skills. You can do this by playing rummy with practice chips on your favorite Khelplay Rummy app. Play many different variations of your favorite card game so that you are equally good at all of them. This will make it a cakewalk for you to win the countless tournaments every season.

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