Key Challenges Foreseen for the Online Rummy Industry

Key Challenges Foreseen for the Online Rummy Industry

Over the past few years, online rummy had garnered massive attention and more and more people have now switched from offline rummy to online rummy. One major reason for its success has been its availability. Since online rummy is available 24×7, you can play a game whenever you feel like. Also, you can choose between a plethora of rummy variations. You can go for 13 card rummy game or 21 cards rummy, or deals rummy, anything at all. Plus, all your winnings reach your bank account safely and your personal data remains secure, courtesy of the various policies adopted by rummy companies. However, every good thing has a drawback too. So, let’s deep dive into the key challenges foreseen for the online rummy industry.

  1. Self-Regulatory Body Formation

One big pro of rummy is that it is a skill-based card game; even the Supreme Court supports this, so it’s legal to play online rummy games. However, the Telangana government recently banned online rummy games as it considers rummy as a game of luck. In an attempt to fight back, online rummy operators have joined forces and have formed The Rummy Federation (TRF).

This self-regulatory body aims to bring about policies and regulations for rummy companies to follow and is currently challenging a petition citing the unfair ban on online rummy in Telangana.

  1. Keeping Users Engaged

Rummy players tend to drift from one website to the next at times. With any options at their disposal, gaining loyal rummy players could get challenging. Some rummy companies deploy latest technologies like big data, predictive algorithms to collect and analyze various player behavior. The, based on the data, companies would announce offers and promotions for their players. Also, since rummy apps are such a major hit, companies are looking for novel features to add to their apps. As the industry is getting extremely competitive with multiple players joining in, companies have a serious task at hand with user engagement.

  1. Rewards for Online Rummy Games

Just announcing a promotion is not enough. Ensuring you have a good prize for the winners is what will draw rummy players to your website. Hence, rummy companies are offering lots of promotions and offers to their customers with real cash prizes, vouchers, movie tickets, and lots more. The challenge however is to stay innovative and coming up with exclusive offers and promotions. Rummy players get the benefit of earning huge rewards in this battle, but staying innovative is an obstacle difficult to overcome for many rummy companies especially start-ups.

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