Know When to Drop in Online Rummy

Know When to Drop in Online Rummy

In order to win a game of Indian rummy online, you must have tremendous patience, great confidence, and a solid strategy for all likely scenarios. Even though the outcome of the game depends on how you play 13 cards in Indian rummy, you can turn the tables on your opponents by playing your hand smartly. Sometimes things might not go as planned, and dropping out of a game might seem like the only way to prevent yourself from incurring a loss. There will be moments when dropping from a game is crucial rather than playing with a bad hand and incurring a loss. For this, you need to take a call as soon  as the cards are dealt, so that you have a slight edge over your opponents.

To ensure you incur minimal loss in case you get a bad hand, devise a strategy on how to drop out and stick to it. If you do not have any jokers or matching cards to play with, drop out early and you will end up losing just 20 points. It can happen that your hand is not all that bad, and you decide to give it a shot and play ahead. However, as the game progresses and you feel that you might not win the game, it still makes sense to drop out. Calculate your unmatched card value, and see if it is higher than 40. If it is, you can drop out in the middle and save the game for your next round.

If you do not have any matching cards at the beginning, dropping out of the game makes sense. Once you have your hand of 13 cards, try to create a pure sequence or a sequence with a joker card to win. Even if you do not have a pure sequence at first, try to analyze if you can make a pure sequence in a maximum of two moves. To create this sequence, try to use your joker cards smartly. If it is not possible to create the sequence in any situation, you must tap on the ‘Drop’ button that’s on the panel of your online rummy game.

When you’re playing online rummy, there is no need to play all the hands. You can drop out of games that aren’t favorable to you if you have an advantage of points over your opponents. This move can potentially confuse your opponents and they will not be able to read your strategy, as you’re not playing all the hands. You can play rummy online and sharpen your skills with the advanced tips and tricks that you will get.

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